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How to manage 10,000 spins in Coin Master

Spins are an essential part of Coin Master. People ask me how I manage to keep around 10,000 spins after every event. In this post I share my thoughts about how to play Coin Master and keep your spins in order.

Event reward structures

10,000 spins. Manage them and grow.

In the past every player had the same event rewards structure. For players who knew how to play events strategically they could get an unlimited amount of spins. At one time I had around 170.000 spins in stock. And there were people with even a lot more. Then Coin Master decided to make an end to that. They decided to make events harder if you had more spins. At this moment there are roughly 4 categories of rewards.

  1. Spins below 5,000
  2. Spins between 5,001 and 10,000
  3. Spins between 10,001 and 25,000
  4. Above 25,000 spins

If you have below 5,000 spins you get the easiest game. Make sure that if you count the number of spins you both count the spins in the blue bar and the number of spins below. You recognize it in the current Mothers day event if you need 5 roses for the first level of 50 spins. If you need 11 roses for 75 spins you are in the second group. The group above 25,000 spins has en even more difficult game play. Just to be clear. It is not harder to get three hammers, pigs or roses, but you need more roses to get your rewards. The same goes for the attack and raid events.

Grow to 10,000 spins in an event

Especially in the easiest event you can gain spins in an event. In the second it is possible but you need luck. In the hardest event you need even more luck ;-). But how does it work. I tell you how to play, and even important: when to stop. Ow, and why 10,000. That is because you still have a good game and you can afford to play a little more during the game compared to the below 5,000 spins. If you are in bad luck you end up losing all spins before you now how to win this event.

Follow these steps to end with more spins in Coin Master than you started the event with.

  1. Check your current stack of spins.

    Check how many spins you have. This determines which event rewards structure you are looking at.

  2. Check the reward structure for your event

    Go to one of the Facebook groups and look for a list of event rewards. This helps you decide whether to try and get to the next level.

  3. Play!

    Play your game. Make sure you play wisely from level to level. For each level you play you need to ask yourself if you can finish the next spin level with more coins than you have after the last spin level. Use the tournament techniques i describe in other post on this website:

  4. Stop in time

    At completing a spin level look at the next spin level and decide if you want to play on. Usually you will be right and get to the next spin level. Sometimes you are unlucky. If you are loosing spins, be smart and stop. You will win them back in a next event.

But what if you loose all your 10,000 spins…

It can happen that in all your enthusiasm you keep playing and lose all your spins. Than you shouldn’t be too worried. One thing you definitely shouldn’t do is buy spins. They are freaking expensive. You need to hold for a few days and build your spin stack again. You do this by clicking on all the Free Spins Links. Open the game every day for reward calendar (the reward on day thirty is going to help you a lot) and get the free spins from the triple deal gifts (yes, only the free deals). If you have built op like 1000 spins you can start playing events. Slowly and carefully though. Don’t aim at too much spin profits in one event. Grow your pile carefully. Another way to get back in the game is to stop for a while. That seems odd, but if you wait a long time to play again you get the Back in Business Kit. This event gives you a lot of free spins and other rewards to get back in the game really soon.

How many spins do you have and what is your strategy?

How many spins do you have? Do you have a strategy on how you can get a big pile of spins? Or do you always spin until the end. Let me know in the comments on this post.

Content refreshed on March 3, 2023 by Erik Dekker

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