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The 13 best Coin Master tricks you cannot play without

When you play Coin Master there are some very useful tricks you can use. Some of them are huge and deserve a post of their own, like getting most out of chests or how to do big raids. Other tricks are nice to know and I add them to this page. And don’t forget to check the ultimate guide!

How to send more than 5 cards per day tricks

Coin Master tricks - send more than 5 cards
Screen shot from Coin Master game

In Coin Master you can share cards with your Facebook friends. This is limited to 5 cards a day. Their are ways to send more than 5 cards a day. First is to change the date of your phone. After changing the date with at least 24 hours you can send 5 more cards. You can repeat this as much as you like. Second method is to remove the game and upload it again. After uploading the game again you can send 5 more cards. This Coin Master trick you can also use again.

Two-finger trick for getting last treasure in hole

If you are raiding it often happens you get the first two holes right. There is a Coin Master trick to dig up the treasure in the last hole also. You do this with the two-finger trick. How does it work. When you have opened already two holes with a treasure place your fingers above the two remaining holes. Than at the same time tap both holes at the same moment really quick and keep it tapped for like a second. The hole with the treasure will open. Watch out that you don’t tap too slow, otherwise this trick won’t work.

Get free spins in Coin Master

If you are running out of spins you can use these tricks to get more free spins. Just follow this free spins link and you will know it all.

Grab all Free Offers

Related to the Get Free Spins options in Coin Master it is also a good idea to log in every day. This way you can pick up all freebies in the game. You have for example the freebies in the offers, the daily spin and of course the famous Reward Calendar. The last one should be part of your daily Coin Master routine.

Coin Master tricks – Super-betting

If you have more spins in stock you are able to bet higher. This works up to 600 spins and even 1000 spins during Bet Blast at a time (for VIPS even higher). This is very useful for the big raids tactic. But if you use all your spins you will go back to a maximum bet of 3 to 8 spins. As long as you don’t go under 100 spins you will keep the possibility to spin at your maximum bet.

Find the Coin Master Spinning pattern

If you crack the Coin Master algorithm your chances of winning big in event is high. To do this you need to take a look at the spinning pattern. This patterns is practically the same for look a like events. For example, for the 3 symbol events you first have to spin at the 1x multiplier about 90 times, after that go up to 15, 50, 150, etcetera for about 15-20 spins each. When you hit the three symbols you need to start the pattern again. For Raid Madness the chances of getting 2 or 3 pigs is higher, so you start betting up already after 30 spins. So, my tip is to beat the algorithm and crack the spinning pattern.

Collect keys for Treasure Cave

While you play the Treasure Cave event can pop up. In the mini game you collect keys to opens little chests. In these chests you can win small rewards, but if you find the golden idol you win the big rewards. There are twelve levels and if you complete all, than you win the biggest reward. If you don’t use your keys, at the end of the event, they will be converted into 10 spins per key. Chances of winning a bigger amount in the event are higher, so make sure to use them all. Curious how to complete the most levels? In my post about this even there is a little Treasure cave hack! Don’t miss it.

Keep your pet active

Raid Madness Foxy
Screen shot from Coin Master game

If you feed your pet it will give you extra powers for four hours. If you can’t play for 4 hours it is a waste of your pet. So just feed the pet if you can play long enough to enjoy it to the fullest. There is an extra trick in here. Everybody has a free pet for 15 minutes active every 24 hours. If you have just a few minutes to play use this! Also i f it is available use it when you can play longer. It is free and won’t cost your pet food.

Buy chests in every village tricks

You should buy chests in every village. Why? Because in every village their are different rare and gold cards. If you don’t get them it will be harder to get them in higher villages. People say you should at least spend 1 to 1.5 billion coins each village on chests. In some villages it is even more important to stay and buy chests a little longer because they have even more gold and rare cards. These are called boom villages.

Become a VIP player

If you can, try to become a VIP player. To become a VIP player you have to be invited by Coin Master. There is no other way. There also isn’t a guaranteed way to be invited. Word is you have to spend real money on the game and advance fast. I don’t know. I haven’t spend a dime on the game and am not invited yet, though I am at village 168 already. But if you can, just do it!

New Coin Master Trick: Join a Team

One of the newest Coin Master Tricks is to join a Team. If you are a member of a team you can give each other free spins and trading cards is really simple. Also, you play together to win awesome chest rewards in the Team Chest Challenges. If you want to join a team it might be good to take a look at the number or stars. This usually is a metric to attract only active players.

Join Facebook groups for trading cards

If you are missing cards you can also get them from other people. Their are numerous groups on Facebook in which you can get cards or trade them. Also you can find new friends to send and receive spins and coins daily. There are some very useful Facebook groups mentioned on this page. You can also exchange cards in your Team.

Advanced Coin Master tricks – Play with multiple accounts

A lot of people have a second Facebook account with which they play Coin Master. These second accounts are called baby accounts. People use these to get extra gold or rare cards, especially if they advanced too soon on their main account and missed some rare or gold cards. For every new account on Coin Master you have to have an extra Facebook account. To switch between accounts some people use an app cloner so they can have multiple versions of Coin Master and Facebook on the same device; others use different devices. If you don’t you have to remove the app, change the account on Facebook and re-install Coin Master again.

What are the rules in Coin Master

Some people in Coin Master call themselves rule players. This means that they play by certain rules, which they ask their friends to follow too. These rules are simple.

  1. Don’t attack your friends. Most easy way to do this is when you get an attack to go to the revenge button and choose random. Most of the time you will find people there who aren’t in your friends list
  2. Warn if you have a raid on them for a minimum of 5 million coins. To do this send a dm in Facebook, and wait a few minutes to hear if you can dig or have to wait a moment to let them spend all coins. This trick works both ways, because the person getting raid get’s to spend his coins and you can dig the amount of coins that was originally available.

Not all people play this way, so if you don’t know a person you are connecting with just check it or be clear about the way you play yourself. If you are not a match it might be best to just unfriend and look for other friends.

Bonus tip: Create a baby account

A bonus tip from me. Create a baby account. This is a second account in which you can become friends with your main account. You can easily trade cards and use it for big raids on each other.

Bonus tip 2: Be careful to add friends

If you add friends you can get up to 100 spins for free. Every day. But there are some serious con’s on this. You can read them here!

Do you have other Coin Master tricks to share with the community?

Which tricks do you use that are not on this page? Please let me know in the comments. Do you think one of the tips isn’t working (anymore) also please let me know!

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