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Big raids in Coin Master

Big raids
Screen shot from Coin Master game

Big raids is a technique in which you play at maximum betting raiding a Coin Master who has millions of coins stacked. To get the ultimate big raid you also use Foxy. This way you can get raids like 6 billion coins or even more. This way you can stack coins fast for buying chests, advance to a new village of play Viking Quest.

Play at maximum bet

To get the highest raids in Coin Master you should play at maximum bet. This means you can only use this technique if you have saved a minimum of 1000 spins or during Bet Blast. If you get a raid the amount won will be multiplied by the multiplier you have chosen. If you chose 75x the amount won will be multiplied by 75. You need to know that if you collect too many coins you will get a warning and maybe get raided.How to fix this you find here.

Wanna play at your best? Make sure first to get your daily Coin Master Free Spins.

Multiply only when Coin Master has a huge winning

When you play you see which person is your next Coin Master. You also see the amount of coins you can win. Play for big raids only if the person has millions to win. Otherwise spending this much spins on the raid is not worth it.

Play with Foxy for bigger raids

Big raids Coin Master Foxy
Screen shot from Coin Master game

If you play with Foxy feeded the amount you won will also be multiplied by the percentage of your Foxy. For me that is 72% at this time. This is level 38. Use your XP to upgrade Foxy as much as you can. Feed Foxy when you start playing. It will last for 4 hours.

Don’t lose all your spins in Big raids

If you play Big raids you will bet quite some spins each time you give the slot machine a go. Therefore you need to play wisely. Most of the time there is a pattern between raids. In most cases 3 attacks come between 2 raids. After getting a raid lower your bet to 1x and after you had 3 attacks start betting maximum. Be aware that the number of attacks between raids can differ, but there is always a pattern. Find it!

Stack coins yourself

In order to play Big raids you have to have friends with big piles of coins. This way you can raid them. Make sure you have a great pile of coins too. This way you can raid each other. Yes, if you stack coins you can get raided, but if you had a few big raids you won’t even notice that you been raided. By raiding each other you can easily grow both your stock.  Another reason to get a nice stack of coins is that people with big raids don’t like to get raided by people with no coins stacked. They lose their coins and don’t get the coins back by raiding you. Seems fair richt?

Create a second (baby) account in Coin Master

A often used technique to get big raids is to create a second account in Facebook. People also call this a baby account. After doing that unfriend most of your friends and only keep a few that stack coins themselves. With this second account stack coins too and start raiding each other on 50 or 75x. With these big raids you will grow your pile of coins very quick, and the only one raiding it are you and the friends that also give a lot of coins back.

What is your take on the big raids strategy?

Now it is your turn. Please tell me what you think on this strategy to make as many coins as possible. You definitely need them when you progress in the game. What was your biggest raid?

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