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Viking Quest: How to play and win

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Viking Quest is the mother of all quests in Coin Master. It was, and still is, an event in which you can win a big amount of spins. All you have to do is collect a huge amount of coins before you start. In order to help you reduce the number of coins you need to play this event I wrote this article. Make sure you read it before you play this event again. By the way, the event is kind of similar to events like Snow Quest, Desert Quest and Tribal Quest. If you want to know everything about these events, make sure to read the posts about those specific events.

What is Viking Quest?

Viking Quest is a side event in Coin Master. In the event there are 10 missions you have to complete to get to the awesome rewards. You spin the wheel and bet the coins you have gathered in the game. For every mission you complete you get a small reward. Each mission is a little harder to complete than the previous, but the reward is a little better too.The last mission in Viking Quest is the hardest to play, but you will get a big stack of spins, and a new gold card.

Three variants of Viking Quest

Choose your reward in Viking Quest

A new feature in the Viking Quest event is that you can chose what level you want to play. This choice was first introduced in Tribal Quest, but now also used for Viking Quest. You chose between Small, Medium and Huge. This refers to the rewards in the event. In the small level you can win only spins, xp and a magical chest. You need the least coins for this event. In the medium event you can win 2 gold cards. One halfway the event and one, a guaranteed new one, in the final mission. In the huge level you can win three gold cards. Good to know is that these cards are in the final three chests. This means you have to play until the end and therefore need a huge amount of coins. The advantage of this level is that you win spins in almost every level.

When is Viking Quest?

There is no exact Viking Quest schedule when the Quest is on. A Quest is usually at the end of a main event and lasts for about 24 to 36 hours. Which quest is up is not known in front. So, you have about 1 day to complete all missions. But it is not for everyone. This event is only available for players who are in village 50 or higher. Check the game regularly when the next Viking Quest starts.

How to play Viking Quest

In Viking Quest there are different types of missions. There are missions in which you have to collect a certain amount of coins from the wheel. For each mission this amount gets bigger. The other missions are also about collecting coins from the wheel, but only coins that you win from the bonus wheel count. Most of the time these events are a little harder. Make sure you follow the strategies we talk about later in this post to reduce the amount of coins you need to complete this event.

Three final rewards in Coin Master

What are the rewards?

In Viking Quest you can win spins, coins, pet potions, xp, chests and above all: gold cards. To do this you have to have stacked a pile of coins and you are betting it to finish 10 missions. Before you have started to play this even you already get your first reward. You get some coins to get you started.

Important before you start Viking Quest

There are two important things you have to remember before you start Viking Quest. First is that you have a lot of coins stacked to play with. This depends if you choose small, medium or huge, but also on the village level you are on. The higher the village number, the bigger your rewards, the higher the amount of coins you need. But with the rewards you are able to grow your coins stack. And of course make sure you have a lot of spins ready to play on if you need to get some extra coins. Or play the Coin Craze event of course. With this event you multiply your coin wins in the game!

But before you start Viking Quest you need to be fully stacked; Coins and Spins. Get your daily free spins here!

Strategies to win Coin Master

Some people think they can Hack Coin Master when they play Viking Quest. Such a Coin Master Hack is not there. There are some strategies you can follow though to have a greater chance of winning Viking Quest without losing that much coins.

First method to win Viking Quest

The first and most used way to play Viking Quest is to play only until you finish level 6. In this level you get the first gold card. Depending on the village you are on you probably will need 1.5-2 billion coins. In the end you will get this using only a third of your stack. This is because you get winnings from a lot of combinations and you don’t need that much bonus wheel winnings. Therefore this way is easy, but you only get 1 gold card.

Second method

Viking Quest gold card
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If you are eager to also get the second gold card in Viking Quest you have to be prepared. Needed winnings go sky high. Especially if you are above village 100. Winnings from 4 billion up to 80 billion in the bonus wheel are needed. So the first, and easiest, method to get the second gold card is to stack an enormous amount of coins and pray. Pray that you will get a big win a strategic moments. Start playing at maximum bet and go do the laundry. Every once in a while check your winnings and start the next level. After quite a while you will see that you completed the last mission and you have both gold cards. Be aware that this method can cost you several billions of coins. But probably this method will complete you 1 or 2 sets. Make sure you use the big raids tactic to get enough coins stacked.

Third method of beating Viking Quest

If you don’t have to much coins stacked you can also try to get the second gold card. In this method you play all levels in which you have to win coins at maximum bet. The amount of winnings will probably be the same as the amount of coins betted. Only the Bonus wheel levels you play a little different. This is called the Coin Master Viking Quest bonus wheel trick. Since Bonus wheel doesn’t come too often you will start playing at the lowest bet. After like 12 to 20 bets (you find out what works best for you) you up the amount to maximum. This way you don’t lose this much coins in between bonus wheel spins. This bonus wheel trick requires a little attention and you counting spins, but can get you the bonus wheel without having to spend this enormous amount of coins.

Fourth method

viking quest winnings
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Another way to beat Viking Quest is looking at combinations of 3 hearts. It seems that chances of getting bonus wheel are higher just after you hit 3 hearts in a row. So play at minimum bet until you get 3 hearts, than set at maximum bet and go until you reach the bonus wheel. After this start again with the lowest bet.

What are your tips to play Viking Quest?

Did you find another way to play Viking Quest and be successful with it? Please share your Coin Master Viking Quest tips with all people around. And don’t forget that Viking Quest is one of the best ways to recover when you have lost all your spins! Thank you!

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