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How to win Viking Quest

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Viking Quest Bonus wheel Coin Master
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Viking quest is an event in Coin Master in which you can win coins, pet potions, xp, chests and above all: gold cards. To do this you have to have stacked a pile of coins and you are betting it to finish 10 levels. How to play Viking Event is well explained by the lads of Coin Master, so I won’t explain that. What I do gonna tell you which tactics can help you finish Viking quest. Why? Because in this game you’d lose more than you win. Except for when you use these Coin Master Viking Quest cheats.

Coin Master Viking Quest bonus wheel

Viking Quest starts easy. You have to play 5 times and the coins needed for that are given to you. After that there are a few levels in which you have to collect coins or play an easy Bonus wheel. The first big barrier is level 6. In this level you have to win a serious amount of coins, only from the bonus wheel. How to get bonus wheel in Coin Master? Problem is that the bonus wheel only shows up every once in a while, while big wins don’t compensate your coins betted. There are 3 ways you can handle this.

But before you start Viking Quest you need to be fully stacked; Coins and Spins. Get your daily free spins here!

First method of beating Viking Quest

The first and most used way to play Viking Quest is to play only until you finish level 6. In this level you get the first gold card. Depending on the village you are on you probably will need 1.5-2 billion coins. In the end you will get this using only a third of your stack. This is because you get winnings from a lot of combinations and you don’t need that much bonus wheel winnings. Therefore this way is easy, but you only get 1 gold card.

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Second method

Viking Quest gold card
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If you are eager to also get the second gold card in Viking Quest you have to be prepared. Needed winnings go sky high. Especially if you are above village 100. Winnings from 4 billion up to 80 billion in the bonus wheel are needed. So the first, and easiest, method to get the second gold card is to stack an enormous amount of coins and pray. Pray that you will get a big win a strategic moments. Start playing at maximum bet and go do the laundry. Every once in a while check your winnings and start the next level. After quite a while you will see you have both gold cards. Be aware that this method can cost you several billions of coins. But probably this method will complete you 1 or 2 sets. Make sure you use the big raids tactic to get enough coins stacked.

Third method of beating Viking Quest

If you don’t have to much coins stacked you can also try to get the second gold card. In this method you play all levels in which you have to win coins at maximum bet. The amount of winnings will probably be the same as the amount of coins betted. Only the Bonus wheel levels you play a little different. Since Bonus wheel doesn’t come too often you will start playing at the lowest bet. After like 12 to 20 bets (you find out what works best for you) you up the amount to maximum. This way you don’t lose this much coins in between bonus wheel spins. This requires a little attention and you counting spins, but can get you the bonus wheel without having to spend this enormous amount of coins.

Fourth method

viking quest winnings
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Another way to beat Viking Quest is looking at combinations of 3 hearts. It seems that chances of getting bonus wheel are higher just after you hit 3 hearts in a row. So play at minimum bet until you get 3 hearts, than set at maximum bet and go until you reacht bonus wheel. After this start again with the lowest bet.

Coin Master Viking Quest tips

Did you find another way to play Viking Quest and be successful with it? Please share your Coin Master Viking Quest tips with all people around. Thank you!

7 thoughts on “How to win Viking Quest”

  1. I’ve just won a gold card on viking quest but it’s one ive already got and already got 24 of them, I’m up to Spain and the gold card was for Japan, is this right bit disappointed

    1. It sometimes happens. All the Times when you have only one unlocked, but sometimes when you have just opened a new set. Try complete a village or get a blank card in the set. This will do the trick.

  2. I play viking quest all the time now for gold cards as it’s cheaper than buying them,I’m on level 174 ! I started a cloned account to stack coins for viking quest while I delete all the friends I dont need on my old account,I have to say iv managed it everytime np I had no clue about the game I only used it for 3 minute free raids when spinning hi 🤦‍♀️ now I understand it ,long it may take but I sit on the lowest level and the losses and wins about evens itself out now I understand it I dont know what level you get to recieve it for my cm2 account 🤦‍♀️ if looked on the websites but I cannot remember that far back in my game as to which level it appears and can find nothing on it ,if you find sitting on the lowest level long just do to first gold card its easiest past this it’s time consuming my first full one took 12 hours all the wheels hit are 2/3 all the time it took forever to get it done ,but I did it 🤣🤣🤣 anyone here know what level it starts on for me to get on my cloned account if not added anyone only bots can hit me cloned a fb account with no friends 🤣🤣🤣

  3. Love coin master it helps stress, then unless you have loads of money you can do loads of comps an quests but if you go looking for freebies you end up with survey or your bank card details getting used, rite now I’m trying to get £59.99 from a gym in Ireland who took money for membership. I live in Scotland so beware of fakes
    Only if it was made easy to get freebies with out worrying about Ur bank account

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