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How much does a village in Coin Master cost?

Coin Master villages cost coins to build. For every new village you build in Coin Master you need more coins. The first village costs only a mere 3 million coins. The second village will cost you a little over 5 million. Moving up to village 33 you need already over 100 million coins. This amount grows to billions of coins if you are past village 75. Then villages cost you serious amount of coins. To know how much coins are needed to complete building a village you can use a simple calculation. This is not exact, but will get you really close:

30 x the cost of the first star on the last line when building a village

Update: added the Coin Master Village costs for the villages 344 up to 363. Don’t get shocked. Village cost for village 363 is already over 10 trillion coins. That is So, start stacking coins already ;-).

How to calculate the costs of a village in Coin Master

Coin Master Village Cost

An example. Imagine you are on village 192 – Basketball then the cost of the first star on the last line is 2,786,680. Multiply that with 30 and you see that you need 83,6 billion coins to complete this village. You’d better start stacking your coins for this one. If you need more free spins to get along make sure you get your daily free spins! But this is only village 192. If you advance even further you need even more coins. So try to master yourself in getting really good in playing events or getting big raids from your friends. My tip for you: Don’t get scared. Just go for the big raids 😉

We did the math for you

Since math isn’t as simple for everybody, or you are just lazy (like me) we did the math for you. Below you find the list of all current villages up to 363. For each village we also calculated the total village cost for you. So don’t forget to check out this list before you start to build your village.

Build your villages during Village Master or Village Mania

Building villages is costly. That’s why it is best to build your village during a village event. At this moment there are 2 village events: Village Master and Village Mania. In Village Master you get free spins, coins and XP when you complete your village during the event. In Village Mania you get a discount on the village items during the event. Make sure you use at least one of these events because it will lower the cost of your village. Even better: use both events for maximum discount and free rewards.

Build your villages at once to avoid extra village costs

If you start to build items in your village there is a chance that you get attacked. Of course you have your shields to protect you from attacks, but these shields won’t last forever. Depending on the village you are on you have 3 or 5 of them. If they are gone, and you don’t have Rhino activated, your village items are damaged. That means you have to re-buy them. After the first attack you have to pay half the amount the items costs, but after a second attack you have to pay full price. If you build your village at once you cannot get attacked and you keep your village costs low. Of course you need a lot of coins to do this so read all about the big raids technique.

All your questions about village costs answered

Can I get a discount on the Coin Master Village cost?

Normally you have to pay the full price for your village. But if you buy your village items during Village Mania you get a discount. There are two types of Village Mania. First, there is the one in which you get 20% discount on all items. Second, there is the one in which you get a 65% discount on the items on the last row (the most expensive village items). If you combine both, you can save up to 35% on the total village price. Also, once every year there is Golden Age. That is a period of mega events in Coin Master. During this period there usually also is a 20% discount on all village items.

Should I build villages only during Village Master

You can build and complete villages at all times, but the total village cost is the lowest when you use a village master or village mania event when you build and / or complete a village.

Is it best to buy chests after I complete a village

In every village you can find cards to complete your card sets. Therefore it is a very good idea to buy chests after you complete a village. The amount of coins you spend on a village raises, but also you are able to complete your card sets more easy. And of course you have the highest chance to get all rare cards.

How many villages does Coin Master have

At this moment (August 2021) there are 363 villages in Coin Master. The latest confirmed village price is over 10 trillion coins for village 363.

How much does my village in Coin Master cost?

You can calculate the total village cost by multiplying the cost of the first item on the last row by 30. Of course you can use the list on this page too.

Why are villages in Coin Master so expensive?

It is fairly hard to build villages once you are over village 100. Why? Because Coin Master hopes you spend real money on buying spins. If you play with the right tactics you can play and build villages for free.

What were the costs of your last village?

What village did you complete the last? Did the cost of the village match the numbers above? If not, please let me know and we will adjust the list. Good luck building the next village!