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How much does a village in Coin Master cost?

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Coin Master villages cost coins to build. For every new village you build in Coin Master you need more coins. The first village costs only a mere 4 million coins. The second village will cost you a little over 6.5 million. Moving up to village 29 you need already over 100 million coins. This amount grows to billions of coins if you are past village 74. Then village cost you serious amount of coins. To know how much coins are needed to complete building a village you can use a simple calculation. This is not exact, but will get you really close:

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30 x the cost of the first star on the last line when building a village

How to calculate the cost of a village in Coin Master

Coin Master Village cost - 113 oktober fest

En example. Imagine you are on village 113 – Oktoberfest then the cost of the first star on the last line is 228,000. Multiply that with 30 and you see that you need 6.85 billion coins to complete this village. You’d better start stacking your coins for this one. If you need more free spins to get along make sure you get your daily free spins! But this is only village 113. If you advance even further you need even more coins. So try to master yourself in getting really good in playing events of getting big raids from your friends.

My tip for you: Don’t get scared. Just go for the big raids 😉

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My second tip: If you have build items in your village and someone destroys it, it will take you only half the amount of coins to rebuild.

We did the math for you

Since we know not everyone is a wizzkid in math or has a calculator on his hands we did the math for you. In the table below you will find roughly the cost of villages in coin master. If the numbers in a village are blank help us fill this one in by commenting on this post.

update: we completed the list of Coin Master Village prices!

20% Discount on village cost

Since the Golden Age event in October 2019 village prices have dropped with 20%. In this list you find the reduced prices already! Let’s wait for the next Golden Age event for again lower prices. If you get above village 100 it is very hard to complete a village. As is for village 266, which already costs over 700 billion coins…

Check how much your next village in Coin Master costs. Never get surprised by an attack anymore because you were short on coins! #coinmaster #villagecost @bestcmstrategy

Coin master village price list

Below you find the village price list of all villages up til village 252 in Coin Master.

Your questions about village costs answered

How do I know how much my village costs?

If you multiply the cost of the first star of the last item you have to buy by 30 you know how much the total village costs. A complete list of all village cost you can find here.

Can I get a discount on village cost?

Once a year during the Golden Age event you get a 20% discount on all village items. This year the discount was kept, so all village items are 20% discounted now.

Should I build during Village Master?

Yes, you should definitely build your village during Village Master. You get extra spins, coins and xp to help you get ahead faster!

Why are villages in Coin Master so expensive?

It is fairly hard to build villages once you are over village 100. Why? Because Coin Master hopes you spend real money on buying spins. If you play with the right tactics you can play and build villages for free.

What were the cost of your last village?

What village did you complete the last? Did the cost of the village match the numbers above? If not, please let me know and we will adjust the list. Good luck building the next village!

30 thoughts on “How much does a village in Coin Master cost?”

    1. Village 191 cost me 89 billion about maybe little more or a little less as had been attacked during build so lost exact price. But still to know 1 need around 100billion for next 4 villages until I get opportunity to just start another 2 card sets. I feel that it should be other way round, higher you get, the more card sets you are able to try to complete as this is definitely when you need them most.

      1. Stay Strong! It might take a while, but if you use the right strategies it will work out. Maybe first stop playing for a while, but open the game everyday to collect spins and when you have like 2000 spins start playing again.

      2. Same here. I’m going back and forth-you have to be at this all day everyday if you want even half a village… good luck.

  1. I’m on my way to the Spain village. Your calculations seem to be quite impressive. I have to of course finish villages to get more set. I’m not sure if this site does give out spins or not. They would be appreciated. But, my opinion on this game…. I pretty much give it a 10!

  2. I’m on level 127 I’m almost finished at 1:28 I don’t know if this correct I bought 22 packs this month I’m three-quarters done with 28 and I believe the coins 10.9 billion for that Village thanks a lot of fun why did you do it

  3. Lvl 145…i watch your prices from lvl 135 and my cost are with discounts. I dont know for sure, but my kid that is at beginning pays full price.

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