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How to block attacks in Coin Master

attack blocked
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Block attacks is needed if you don’t want your village destroyed. One of the objectives in Coin master is to attack your friends and enemies. Of course you can have like three shields to protect you and you can feed your rhino but still, your expensive village can be crushed in a short time. In this post, I tell you the best way to prevent your village from attacks!

Don’t build villages until you have enough coins

The best tip to prevent your villages from being attacked is not to build. This seems like a useless tip but it isn’t. You should not build a village unless you have enough coins to build it in one streak. You only can get attacked if there is something build so stack your coins until you have enough coins. In this post you can see how many coins you need for each village. If the villages get too expensive to build them at once start stacking coins using the big raids technique or just build when playing events.

Other ways to block attacks in Coin Master

If you can’t build your village at once and have some items in your village build then you can do the following.

Use your Rhino to block attacks

The more upgrades you give your Rhino, the better it will be at protecting your village. Of course, don’t forget to feed your Rhino to keep him active.

Protect attacks with shields

Just play until you have 3 shields. After that stop playing and wait for your 3 shields to be used. After that play again until you have 3 shields. This way you will have your village as much protected as possible. If you lost all your shields make sure you spin to get them back. These daily Coin Master Free Spins can help you do this!

Ask your friends not to attack

A good way to prevent your village from being attacked is to ask your Coin Master friends not to attack you. This way the chance of getting attacked is much smaller. Besides, it is a good use only to use the random button when attacking. this way you don’t attack your friends. 😉

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