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Boom villages in Coin Master

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Coin Master Boom village complete
Screen shot from Coin Master game

Boom villages are villages in Coin Master where you get more gold and rare cards then in other villages. In Coin Master they don’t tell you which village you should stay a little but longer, so we do! Read this post and you know the Coin Master boom villages. Below you find the Coin Master card list.

Buying chests in villages

In every village you can buy chests with all sort of cards. Some cards are common and you will get these a lot. Some cards are a little rare. These cards you get once in a while. Some cards are extremely rare. That means that it might take you ages and you have to buy a lot of chests to get them. And finaly there are gold cards. These cards are mostly rare and cannot be traded with other people without a specific gold trade event. So you have to get these cards out of chests (or in Viking Quest or Joker event).

To buy chests you need coins. Use these Free Spins issued by Coin Master every day to buy more chests!

Boom villages

Chances of getting rare or gold cards in villages differ. Some villages are better to stay a while and keep buying chests. These villages are called boom villages. And even while it is not exact science you’d better follow these hints. An extra hint from me: stay a little while in the villages just below and after the boom villages. For some people these villages just give them those extra cards they need.

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Coin Master boom villages list

Below you will find the list of alle villages that people found the most cards in.

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141142143your boom village


Coin Master card list level

The list above is not a complete Coin Master card list. It is a list of all villages you should be staying a little longer buying chests so you can get more gold and rare cards. There is no such list of all cards. If you like to know in which set a card is just ask me or in one of the Coin Master Facebook groups. If you are just wondering how many villages there are in Coin Master, check out this post.

What are your best villages for cards?

Did you get a lot of gold cards and rare cards in the boom villages? Or did you get a lot of good cards on other villages? Please comment below so we can help eachother get the most out of the villages!

19 thoughts on “Boom villages in Coin Master”

    1. I just arrived at village 79 and Im in desperate need of a few rare gold cards. My question, is village 79 really worth hanging out in and buying a lot of chests?
      I have 2 more questions if you dont mind
      1) in your opinion, is it better to jump in a start buying cards right away and just not worry about buying the items that will help you finish the village.i just think start building the village then i have to worry about getting attacked and wasting spins to protect my village. Once I think Ive gotten whatever good cards Im going to get, then Ill head full steam to finish the village. I know you have been sucessful so in your opinion, is this the best course of action?
      2) Do you think its best to focus on wooden, gold or magical chests on level 79. I read the post to judge by number of stars on the last card. Which chest is the best one to buy first or most.

      Thank you so very much for your highly valued time and opinion.


      Ps- I hope there will be a way in the future that I can return the favor!

      1. Thnx David for the kind words!
        Village 79 is definitely good to stay a little longer. In my experience, it is always good to buy mostly magical chests. For the rare cards, they are most likely in those villages. But if you just land on a village buying some wooden chests have been helpful too. So start of with some wooden chests. After that buy mostly magical and mix that with some gold and wooden.

  1. What are the boom villages after 143? I’m on village 162 but can’t find a list for boom villages above 143. I did get a cards boom on village 160.

      1. No. But I’m on 168 now and it’s definitely a boom village with a LOT of rare cards in chests. I got the cards boom on that level and have stayed on it for about a week.

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