over 100 players can now raid you

Over 100 players can now raid you

Over 100 players can now raid you is a notice you see in Coin Master if you have stacked more coins than “is allowed” for the level you are on. What this means and what you can do about this I tell you in this article.

Over 50 players can now raid you

over 50 players can now raid you in coin master

If you stack coins to build a village at once or for completing Viking Quest you want to have a lot of coins. Billions of coins. By the way, if you need free spins to stack coins make sure you get your daily free spins here! But Coin Master doesn’t allow people to stack coins or spins. That is why they have build in a mechanism to prevent excessive coin stacking. If you pass their limit first you see the message “Over 50 people can now raid you”.

You get raided a lot now

After a few minutes you see people raiding you notices every few seconds, causing your coin stack do decrease fast. This will continu until you have coins below the limit. Then the message that over 100 players or over 50 players can raid you now will disappear.

Over 100 players can now raid you

If you continue stacking coins the message will change a bit. It says that even over 100 players can now raid you. At this time people raid you even more and more often.

Above which amount of coins do I get this warning?

The amount of coins that sets your limit differs per level. The lower the level the lower the amount of coins you are allowed to have. If you are around village 75 the limit is around 18 billions coins. If you are around village 160 the limit is 175 billion coins.

How to prevent over 100 players raiding you big time

You cannot protect yourself from being raided. But you can minimize the chances of losing your well-earned coins. First, find your limit. Keep playing until you get the warning. Then buy some chests until you don’t get the warning anymore. You should be good for your next goal without being raided too often.

At what village and what amount of coins did you get the over 100 players warning?

Let’s help each other by telling what are the coin stacking limits in Coin Master. So tell me in the comments when you got this message and how many coins you had stacked at that moment.

Content refreshed on March 3, 2023 by Erik Dekker

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