Erik Dekker

Erik plays Coin Master for fun. He is the initiator of this website and has written the most articles. All articles are based on his own experience, except for the VIP. He loves to be invited, but this moment has not come. Although he is not as far in the game as Peter and Piet, he certainly knows the most tips and tricks. Erik has just switched to the Fun&Joy team. This team plays in the Master category.



Current Village: 227 Roman Square


Highest number of spins: 31K

Card Sets

Highest Card Set opened: Fisherman
Highest Card Set complete: Pet Salon

Number of stars

Number of stars: 36,468


  • Started event with 400 spins, ended 18K
  • Knows when to stop, most of the times
  • Expert in recovering from mega spins losses
  • Loves to give away cards

His most valuable tips

  • Love the game, but love your personal live more!
  • Focus on the main events. Never use extra spins for the side events. This usually ain’t worth it
  • Mania’s are your friend. Play when there is 15% mania on spins missions. Build during Village boost.
  • When you aim for a tier, never forget to count all your spins
  • Be generous in your team

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