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Best Casino Games for PlayStation

PlayStation is the world’s leading gaming console, with millions of owners and active players. While it’s highly regarded for its list of AAA games, Sony’s console has a deep game store with games for all kinds of players. Casino games, for example, are quite a popular option. They may not be as popular as God of War or The Last of Us, but they have a strong fanbase on PS4 and PS5.

You’ll have to dig a bit deeper into the game library to find these games. When you do, however, you’ll be immersed in a world of casino gaming like no other. Below we’ll present the top casino games for the PS5 that perfectly emulate the unique casino atmosphere.

Poker Night in the Inventory

There were poker games for the PlayStation way before this one arrived. However, Poker Night in the Inventory introduced some beloved characters at the table with innovative gameplay that makes poker even more fun. The game’s originality shouldn’t be such as a surprise considering it was developed by Telltale Games. Yes, that Telltale Games for The Walking Dead video game series, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Batman.

The main characters in this game include Tycho Brache the Penny Arcade webcomic, the heavy weapons guy from Team Fortress 2, and Max from the Sam & Max franchise. Paired with a heavy casino Netherlands atmosphere, these poker nights are among the best you’ll ever have on the PlayStation. With decent gameplay and banter between the characters depending on their wins or losses, it’s one of the most unique poker games on the PS of all time.

Poker Night 2

The sequel to Poker Night in the Inventory came a few years later in 2013. It was just as big of a hit as the first one. Once again, it featured characters from well-known PS franchises, including Sam from Sam & Max, Ash Williams from Evil Dead, and Claptrap from Borderlands among others. It was loads of fun to play with these characters at the table, elevating the atmosphere a few notches up.

Just like in the original, there’s a lot of banter and dialogue from the renowned game characters. Players play with virtual money on Texas Hold’em and Omaha Hold’em tables. To raise the competitive edge, the game ran official tournaments, where you try to outlast all the other players at the table. You can play against the characters or real players too.

If you’re looking for a fun game of poker and know all the tips and tricks of the trade, you’ll love the banter and excellent dialogue. It’s proof that casino games can be truly original even on game consoles.

Vegas Party

Vegas Party by Funbox is one of the casino game classics on the PlayStation. It comes with a heavy Vegas atmosphere and a gambling-friendly universe with some over-the-top gameplay features. Instead of the usual action on the tables, this game was imagined as a race. The goal is to reach the Strip before others do, and you can bet on who passes the finish line first.

Your goal is to manage your tokens, avoid any obstacles on the road, and use your gaming wits to defeat the competition. Winning builds up your cred, while losing results in penalties. It’s not an easy game by any means. In fact, you might want to practice for free before you play it to hone your skills to perfection. Just like in a game on Las Vegas’ tables.

Prominence Poker

Here’s another PlayStation game poker players will love. It rose to prominence as soon as it was released in 2016. This card game picks players from all over the world against each other. You can also play against a challenging AI to hone your skills before you take on the challenge.

It’s an immersive and rewarding game of poker with Texas Hold’em in the center. The studio decided to offer a rich single-player story set in the city of Prominence. It’s a gambling paradise not unlike Sin City, with crooked folks looking to let go of the past. In the single-player chapters, you’ll be taking on four gambling factions and their leaders as you try to make your way to the top.

The game has a robust online community too, with many players eager to take a challenge. If you’d love to try your luck and skills on exclusive poker tables, this is a game for you.

The Four Kings Casino and Slots

Here’s something we haven’t seen often in casino video games. The Four Kings Casino and Slots is a social MMO game that offers a heavily simulated casino experience. You start by creating your 3D avatar. It will represent you in the blooming casino world. As you continue playing, you’ll be rewarded with extravagant skins to customize your look even further.

Enter the casino and you can enjoy poker, blackjack, roulette, craps, slots, keno, bingo, and more. It’s a living and breathing casino world with constant new tournaments, events, games, and skins to claim. You can play the game on your own pace against AI or your friends. You can even enter VIP rooms to play high-stakes games with your avatar. It’s a true royal treatment like no other, with all the most popular casino games in one spot.

PokerStars VR

Here’s another innovative poker game that’s a perfect fit for the VR2 – the next generation in PS gaming. Launched in 2023, it’s one of the rare VR casino games and as such, it deserves your undivided attention. It’s safe to say that it offers a glimpse into the future of gaming, now that VR headsets are a reality.

When you fire the game up, you have a demo that will walk you through the basics. After that, you can rely on your skills to play it. You’ll be presented with a virtual table and play various poker variants by using your headset and sticks. The controls are intuitive, the choice of games is great, and it offers one of the top VR2 experiences even compared to AAA games.

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