Wildland adventure in Coin Master

Wildland adventure – Potions for rewards

In the Coin Master Wildland Adventure you use potions to move ahead on a trail along amazing rewards. These rewards range from a few spins to chests, xp, gems and coins. The grand prize at the and of the trail is a big one: 120K spins. Of course you need to do something for that. In this post I share with you everything you need to know to get as far as you can on the Wildland Adventure trail.

What is Coin Master Wildland Adventure

Wildland Adventure is a side event in Coin Master. It is an event that lasts for several weeks, so you can take your time to complete it. In this event you use potions to move through the rough wildlands to get to milestones. The milestones require some potions to secure. Each milestone gives you a reward.

How to get potions in Wildland Adventure

Your first potions you get as a gift in Coin Master. All other potions can be won or bought in the game. Here are a few ways to get your potions:

  • Spin the wheel in Potion Rush: each spin gives you a chance of points to complete Potion Rush points
  • Play the main event: Potions are rewards in the main event in the game
  • Play side events: In some side events potions are rewards
  • Buy them: if you are in desperate need you can buy potions as well (I don’t know if it is smart, though)

What can you win in Wildland Adventure

As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of rewards during this event. The first rewards are a small number of spins, tiny chest or some gems. When you move along the trail the rewards get bigger. The number of potions to get them raises too. When you are able to complete the entire Wildland Adventure there is a real reward waiting for you: 120K spins. At least, this is what I can win. Depending on the village you are at Coin Master this reward may be different.

Wildland adventure in Coin Master

Is this event worth playing this event?

Is it worth playing the Wildland Adventure? Of course! Since you get potions just for playing this phenomenal game you can just use them to get these extra rewards. Should you stretch yourself to get to the next milestone? I think it is best to stick with the regular strategy and use your spins wisely. The extra potions you need to get a reward mostly will cost you more than you might benefit. I should also stay away from buying potions. The rewards for money ratio is very low. You better use our free spins links to complete your next mission.

What are your thoughts on Wildland Adventure

Do you like this new event in Coin Master? What milestones have you completed and what is your grand prize? Please share your thoughts in the comments below. Always good to learn from each other!

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