Coin Master Teams

Coin Master Teams: All you need to know

Teams is one of the newest features in Coin Master. Teams consist of a maximum of 50 players and within a team you can give each other spins and cards. Also as a team you can play for a team chest. In this post I tell you everything you need to know about playing in a team in Coin Master.

Join a team

If you want to join a team, just click on the teams icon on the home screen. If you are not part of a team already there are some suggestions of teams that have spots available. Each team has a maximum of 50 spots. You can’t just join any team. First a team has to have a spot available. Second, some teams are private teams. You can only join if you are invited. Third, there might be a minimum amount of stars required. If you chose a team and you meet the team criteria you can join and enjoy the team benefits.

Create your own Coin Master team

If you don’t want to join an existing team you can also create your own team. For this you click on the create team button. If you have created a team you can invite your friends to join. If your team gets high stars or a lot of players the team will rank higher and get more attention from Coin Master.

Ask for cards or coins

Request a card from a Coin Master Team member

The main advantage of playing in a team is that you can trade cards and donate spins. You can use the two buttons on the bottom of the page to request your cards and spins. Most teams only have you ask for cards you don’t have in stead of also spare cards. Still in need of free spins? Check our Coin Master Free Spins Links.

Play for the team chest

In Coin Master, team chest rewards are earned by members of a team when their team chest is filled with coins. The rewards for filling the team chest can vary depending on the league and the level of the chest. Some possible rewards for filling the team chest include coins, spins, pet food, and exclusive in-game items. The higher the level of the team chest, the greater the potential rewards will be. Some of the rewards may be rare and valuable, making it a good incentive for the players to work together and fill the chest as quickly as possible. Team chest rewards can be a great way for players to earn valuable items and progress in the game while also working together with their team members.

Team chest leagues

Coin Master Teams Chest Leagues - win great rewards

In Coin Master, players can join or create teams and participate in team chest leagues. These leagues are competitions between teams where players work together to collect as many coins as possible. Each team has a team chest that fills up as team members collect coins. Once the chest is full, the team earns a reward. The team that fills their chest the fastest or collects the most coins overall wins the league. This is a way for players to collaborate and compete with each other to earn rewards and progress in the game. Team chest leagues are alternated with Team Castle events.

How to switch teams

If you find you and your current team are not a match anymore it is time to switch teams. You can look for other teams while you are still a member of a team. Only if you decide to switch you have to leave the current team first. Be aware that if you leave a team you don’t get the team rewards anymore and you don’t get the rewards of the team you move to. Make sure you have a nice stack of spins to get a head start in the new team.

Are you a Coin Master teams member?

Are you a team member? Which team are you in and did you already win a team chest. Please let me know via the comments.

Last Updated on February 29, 2024 by Erik Dekker

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