Piet Sa

Piet is one of the founders of this website. He plays Coin Master as long as he can remember. One of the things he likes best is to try different strategies and learn what works best. If you need help on strategies, Piet is the player to check. Piet is member of the Holland team.



Current Village: 275 Subway


Highest number of spins: 96K

Card Sets

Highest Card Set opened: Country Folk
Highest Card Set complete: Film Noir

Number of stars

Number of stars: 58,298


  • Completed Christmas Album
  • Completed Viking Quest multiple times
  • Multiple tournaments winner
  • Won over 60K Spins from Thor’s wheel

His most valuable tips

  • Use a pattern when spinning, but experiment to find what works for you
  • Use your joker cards to complete the collectibles card sets
  • Use gems when you need to complete golden pass missions
  • Never use real money to buy spins
  • Join a team and Facebook groups to learn from experienced players

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