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Coin Master Joker tournament

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Joker Tournament is one of the newest tournaments in Coin Master. In this tournament the winner receives the Joker Card. This card gives you the option to get one unlocked card of your choice for free. This can be any card, gold or non-gold. This way you can get the very rare card you need to complete a set. Winning this tournament is not easy because a lot of people want to choose a card themselves. That’s why I give you my tips on how to win the Joker tournament.

How does the Joker tournament work?

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The Joker tournament is much like the other tournaments like Diamond Tournament or Pedal to the metal. You are in a group of 50 people and need to get points. Points are awarded for raids and attacks. The higher you bet the more points you score. The tournaments lasts for a period of time and after this time the 10 people with the highest score receive a price. Prices are spins, coins, chests and for the first price a Joker card.

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How to win the Joker card

The Joker tournament is difficult to play. More than other tournaments this is the one people want to win because of the Gold or rare card they can win. This means you have to play it strategically, be prepared to lose spins and make sure to quit in time if you see it is not going to work out.

Play the Joker tournament strategically

joker card winner

Because this tournament is usually very long it is wise to start playing only in the last hours. Most people in your group will do this, but it makes the time shorter after you have played for others to get ahead of you. What I do is play for a position in the top 3, preferably first with a margin of about 2000 points above the people below. At that moment I stop playing until the last half hour. Than I check my position. If I lost my position I use the last 10 minutes to get ahead again and win the tournament.

Quit in time if it’s mission impossible

Sometimes other players get ahead of you really quick and get that many coins that it is not worth playing further you have to quit and take your loss. You can see this quickly when playing the tournament. Make sure you take time to look at the rankings once in a while. It also can happen that in the last hour you lose your position and it is not worthwhile to go for gold position. Than you have to decide to play for a lower position or quit.

Be prepared to lose spins in Joker tournament

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If you play this tournament you have to realize that winning will cost you spins. You will get spins back from the main event (Attack Madness, Raid madness or other event) or from rewards mania, but this won’t cover it all. If your strategy works out it will give you a new gold card.

Have you won a Joker tournament already?

I recently won my first Joker card. It cost me about 25k spins, but got me the gold card and 140 billion coins to use in Viking Quest. This will give me back some spins, so it worked out quite fine.

8 thoughts on “Coin Master Joker tournament”

    1. It took bout a week or so before it happened? Pretty sure they were updating all the FREE LINKS so that people couldn’t hack any as if 25 spins will get anything relevant? I need to give out more free spin links because when they reward you with more than 25 on the game you’re automatically punished by not being able to get any kind of rewards after that like hammers or raids! It’s just baffling how obviously they try every way to prevent u to succeed! okay like the stars what are those even mean they don’t up the points or value of anything so far which it says it was supposed to so I can’t figure that out? Great game just disappointing n not sure why the owners would do what they are doing? But they absolutely are making a killing but I just don’t know why they can’t allow their CUSTOMERS to be successful? Really a wonder how that doesn’t bother them? Would love to sit down n talk w/ them! They definitely are creative GENIUSES but money may unfortunately got the best of them like it does to most of us! Thanks for letting me comment!

  1. I won the joker Tournament, I’m on the 2nd ramk bit I doesn’t received my joker card. Hepl me to get my card

  2. I am in 1st rank in joker tournament there was time limit for 48hr so in 24hr i got golden card and i select the golden card but i didn’t receive any spin from tournament ?
    Also i have a question after 24hr over i will get another jokee card or gifts?????

    1. hello, if you have any questions about the rewards in the joker tournament please contact Coin Master via the support button in the settings page in the game.

  3. Mike's House of Wine

    I recently one a tournament with a chance to win a joker card from a chest in 1 out of 40. I got more than a joker card. I got 8 jokers.

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