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Attack Madness: Stack spins, XP and coins

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Attack Madness is an event in Coin Master in which you get rewards for attacking villages of other people. It doesn’t matter if the attack destroys a building or is blocked. The more you advance in this event the more attacks you need to get rewards, but the rewards get bigger every time. If you play it normally you will need more spins than you get back playing this event. So in order to win you have to play this event wisely. How? Just let me tell you.

Easy method to beat Attack Madness

The most easy way to beat Attack Madness is to play at minimum bet for 10 times after an Attack. After 10 times increase your bet to maximum until you get an attack. This method works in Attack Madness because you get attacks quite often. This method isn’t the one you get the most out of this event.

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More advanced mode

If you want to put in a little more energy you can play it like this. Attacks have different intervals between them. If you keep 10 spins in between you might get some attacks at 1x. That is a waste of valuable attacks. In this method we are going to use this to our advantage. After an attack play for like 3 times at 1x, after that increase your bet to 10x. After 7 spins increase this to 25x and after 20 spins go to maximum bet. This way you don’t spend too much spins right after an attack but still get a reasonable amount of attacks when you hit another village. If there are a lot of spins between attacks you get maximum result. This method will cost you a few more spins between attacks, don’t waste attacks.

The best way to enter Attack Madness

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If you want to get the most out of Attack Madness you have to get pen and paper. In this method you are going to write down the nummer of spins between attacks and you are going to write down when you hit a raid. Why? In Attack Madness (and Raid Madness too) there is a pattern between the attacks. By writing down the nummer of spins between attacks you will see this pattern and can use this to your advantage. If you have an attack you can predict when the next attack will be. Is it soon or will it take a while. Go to minimum bet if you know there isn’t an attack coming and go to maximum when a new attack is due. Don’t wait too long to go to maximum attack though, because the number of spins changes a little in the pattern.

What is your strategy to win this event?

What is your best strategy to win at Attack Madness? Please let me know in the comments and help other people win spins and coins!

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