rare cards value in coin master

Rare cards value in Coin Master

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rare cards value in coin master
Screen shot from Coin Master game

Chances of getting specific cards in Coin Master are not even. Some cards are harder to get than others. In order to get rare cards you buy a lot of chests and be lucky or trade them with others (or get them gifted). If not gifted the best way to trade is trading for same value cards. Below you will find a list of all difficult to get cards, their value and from which village you can open them. Use this list to do trades that benefit both parties. If you are looking for gold cards you should check out this article about Viking Quest.

Coin Master rare cards list

In the list below you will find all cards that are supposed to be rare to extremely rare. You can search in this list or order on column. This list will be updated when values change or new sets are added. If you want tips and tricks on how to play Coin Master and get more difficult cards follow us on Facebook.

Questions about hard to get cards answered

Is this card rare?

Some cards are more difficult to find than others. If the card is on the list above you know it is rare and you now it’s value.

How can I get rare cards

There are a few ways how to get your rare cards. First the card you need has to be unlocked. If done, than start buying chests or trade the card with someone. Make sure you know the value of the card so you don’t pay too much.

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Can I buy rare cards?

Yes. If you can’t wait anymore to get or trade your rare card than you can buy it. On Ebay all cards can be found. But make sure you don’t get scammed while buying.

I’ve build my villages too fast, now i miss a lot of cards. How can I get the missing cards?

If you have a lot of unfinished card sets than you might have build too soon. Stop building en start buying card sets. If you buy enough cards the missing will come. The longer you wait, the harder cards are going to get.

How can I make sure I don’t get scammed while trading a rare card?

If you trade with a person you don’t know it is a good idea to ask an admin of the group te help you. Admins you can trust and they will make sure you make a good trade.

Where did you find your Coin Master rare cards

A good way to help each other is to share where you have found your rare cards. Other people can buy some more chests to get these cards also. So please let me know via the comments in which type of chest in which level you found your rare cards. Please state whether it is was in a wooden chest, golden chest of magical chest and in what village you were when you found the card. This also helps to check if the list of boom villages is still correct.

Use Facebook to get difficult cards

A good alternative way to get the harder to get cards is to ask for them in Facebook groups. Some groups are for trading, others are giving them away. Most groups that give those cards for free is that they ask you to donate some cards to the group. This way other people get helped too.

Your opinion on rare cards in Coin Master

Do you think some rare cards are missing in this list or do you think the value mentioned is wrong? Please let me know so we can keep this list updated and have everybody complete their sets. Nothing better than getting some extra spins to move on in Coin Master.

24 thoughts on “Rare cards value in Coin Master”

        1. Olaiya Aanuoluwapo

          I’ve spent so much coins buying chest but couldn’t get the rare cards I need. I need fire ring, Excalibur, Santa, Martian lettuce, andromeda, kettle. Any help please ?

          1. Hello Sharon,
            that is one of the few I don’t have a spare, but maybe another reader can help you with this rare card. Good luck finding it!

    1. Yes, you are right. The more villages you advance, the harder it is to get the rare cards you need. So find a good balance between building villages and completing card sets! Since there are so many Viking Quests lately the gold cards cannot be the problem anymore. So focus on getting your rare cards!

      1. I’ve been building my villages very fast and didn’t know about the chest I’m level 106 is it to late to find some

        1. no it is not. It might only be a little harder. Try to trade the rare non-gold cards and play viking quest to get your missing gold cards!

  1. I am level 27 and I got Holy Monk out of gold chest even tho Legends wasnt open for me until i recieved this card… So any opinions on this ? I am completly confused

    1. hello dawn, you are not doing anything wrong. Andromeda is a very rare card. You have to be lucky to get it. What might work if you can’t find it in chests in one village is to move to the next and try again. Other option is to trade the card with someone. There are a lot of Facebook groups that let you trade rare cards. This card will be traded usually for 2 or 3 martian lettuce cards or equivalent value.

    1. Martian Lettuce is a card from the Sandland collection. It is very rare and by most people used as a currency to trade other rare cards.

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