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Pets in Coin Master – Ultimate tricks

In Coin Master you can use Pets to give you an almost unfair advantage. For example you can double the amount of coins you can raid from someone, or prevent your village from being attacked. In this post I tell you what you need to do to use your pets the best way.

These Pets are available

There are 3 kinds of Pets available in Coin Master.

  • First there is the Tiger. The tiger gives you an advantage in Attacks. When you use the tiger you get an extra amount of coins when attacking someone (up to 410% of the attack value). Since attacks are quite common this animal can help you a lot in stacking your coins. Use the tiger best during Attack Madness.
  • Second pet in Coin Master is Foxy. Foxy gives you an advantage during raids. When Foxy is active you get extra coins in raids up to 106% of the amount you raided. Raids can give you over 10 billion coins (at 100x) in a single raid. Foxy is my favorite pet in Coin Master. At least until you are at village 221. But I tell you later more on that.
  • Third is Rhino. The rhino helps you prevent your from getting attacked. For a percentage of attacks Rhino gives you a shield protecting your precious items from being destroyed (up to 70%). Use the Rhino when you build a village, but don’t have enough coins to complete it.

Hatch your Pets

Foxy gives extra coins on Raids in Coin Master

Before you can use your Pets in Coin Master you have to hatch them. This is easy. Foxy is the first one that is available to you. When you get to village 4 Foxy can be hatched. For the other animals it is necessary to complete card sets. So, Tiger is available just for completing the Beast card collection; Rhino is available after you complete the creatures card collection. When a new pet is available you get a message to go to the pets section in Coin Master and click on the egg.

Upgrade your pets when you can

When you start using your pets the rewards you get for using them is not that high. For example, Tiger gives you 60% extra coins on an attack en and Rhino blocks attacks on you village only in 10% of the attacks. That’s why you need to upgrade your pets. You upgrade pets using the XP you collect. For each upgrade your rewards for that animal get bigger. If you don’t upgrade Foxy you get 16% more coins in each raid. When you upgrade your pet to level 47 you get 90% more rewards and at level 100 you are at 100%. The maximum extra rewards from Foxy are 106% when you are at level 186. The maximum level is 200 for this animal. You see for each upgrade the raise in rewards get a little lower, but it is still worth it.

Don’t forget to activate your pets

You get pet foods for playing the game, but also when you complete some card sets or in some Viking Quest stages. This Pet food you need to activate your animals. When activated you can use Foxy, Tiger of Rhino for 4 hours. These 4 hours are consecutive. It is not possible anymore to pause the time by selection another animal.

Free Foxy, Tiger or Rhino every day

15 minutes of Free pets in Coin Master every day

Besides the normal pet activation you can use one animal daily for 15 minutes. When available you see a green pet food on the Coin Master slot screen. So, click on the animal and on the Free button to activate it. For the next 15 minutes you can benefit from Foxy, Tiger of Rhino. Of course do this when you are ready to play!

My 50 cents on how to use pets best

Upgrade your Foxy first

Since coins are the most important assets in Coin Master Foxy is best to use. Foxy gives you extra coins from raids. The best way to use Foxy is in combination with the big raids tactics. This can give you almost 10 billion coins for every raid. This is far better than Tiger. At level 140 I get a maximum of 1.5 million for an attack. Multiplied by the maximum bet of 200x (for non vips) this gives you 300 million coins. If you get an extra 100% for using Tiger this is far lower than the winnings from Foxy. At least, until you are at village. Since the rewards for attacks get bigger in every village there is a turning point at this village. If the attack is not blocked you get more thant the 100 million coins for a raid. Blocked, though, the reward you get at this village is less than a raid.

My tip: If you have a baby account loose the shields and use this to attack and get the big rewards.

Upgrade Tiger if you have low raids

Even if you are not at village 221 already Tiger can be a very nice choice to use. For example, if you don’t use the big raids tactic raids are far less high. In this case it can be more useful to use Tiger in stead of Foxy. As stated above Tiger can give you about 300 million coins extra in village 140. For Raids up to a few million this is a better advantage than using Foxy. And Attacks are more common than raids of course.

Upgrade Rhino if you are a builder

Do you spend all your coins on villages, but have trouble completing them in one time than Rhino can help you. Especially at the higher villages the village cost explodes. To prevent your precious items from attacks Rhino can help you. Please note that Rhino doesn’t hold all attacks; it just helps in a percentage of attacks, but when an item cost like a billion coins this can be very well worth it. Upgrading Rhino can help you to block up to 70% of all attacks, and that is a fair share!

This is how I play Coin Master with pets

I am a coin stacker. This means I play for big raids and have almost all the time over 60 billion in Coins stacked. I have only a few friends in Coin Master and they also stack coins. We raid each other at maximum bet. This way it doesn’t matter if I get raided sometimes. In this tactic Foxy comes in best. Maximum raid for me about 50 million coins. Foxy is at level 97 with 99%, so maximum raid for me at bet x100 is like 10 billion coins. Villages complete faster and winning Viking Quest gets easy this way!

Tip: If you activate Foxy make sure you get these free spins. This gives you more shots at the big raids!

All your questions about pets answered

How do you hatch the pets in Coin Master?

The tiger pet in Coin Master is available in village 3. The other 2 pets you can hatch by completing card sets. Foxy can be used if you complete X, Rhino can be used when completing card set Y.

What can you do with pets in Coin Master?

Pets can help you during the game, at least if you feed them. If you use Foxy you get extra coins when raiding someone. If you use Tiger you get extra coins when attacking someone. Rhino defends you from attacks to your village.

How long does my pet stays active?

If you activate your pet it will stay active for 4 hours from the moment you feed hem. There is no way to pause the time remaining. If you use the free pet button your pet will stay active for 15 minutes.

How do I feed my pet?

You can feed your pet by giving him pet food.

How do I get more pet food?

You get pet food just by playing the game. Once in a while you get rewarded new pet food. Other ways to get pet food is from completing some card sets, playing Viking Quest (sometimes) and of course if you need it you can buy it.

What is XP in Coin Master?

XP are experience points for your pet. You need XP to upgrade your pet. After that Foxy gives you more coins on raids, Tiger gives you more coins on attacks and Rhino protects your village from attacks more often!

How do you use pets in your Coin Master game plan?

What is your favorite animal and how do you use it in your game? Please let me know in the comments. This way we learn from each other!