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Free Spins in the Diamond Heist

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The Diamond Heist is one of the easy ways to get free spins in Coin Master. This Heist is not one of the events, but is a combination of a gift and a paid way of getting free spins, xp and chests. In this post I tell you how you can use the Diamond Heist best.

Different names for the Diamond Heist

The offering exists under different names. Sometimes it is called Safe to fly or Under Attack. But the offering always consists of the same 3 parts. Actually there are three offers in one offer. And you have to take each deal to further reveal.

How does the Heist work?

Diamond heist 3 offers

As mentioned, The Diamond Heist consists of 3 parts. You have to unlock the first to open the second. and you have to open the second to unlock the third offer. The first offer can “cost” you different. The best offer is free of course. Most of the times the first offer is free. If it is you should definately take it. Sometimes the first offer costs real money and in a few cases you have to pay with coins you earned earlier in the game.

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How do you play Diamond Heist best?

The best, and for me only way, to play the Diamond Heist is only go for the free offers and for the offers in Coin Master Coins. The offers that cost you real money are not worth it. Yes of course, if an offer cost you money the next offer is free almost al the times, but the number of spins are not worth it. There are much better ways to get your free Spins.

How do you get free Spins

If the first offer in Diamond Heist is free you should definitely take it. Offers that cost you real money are not worth it. A much better way to get your free spins is to look for the Coin Master Free spins and Coins link that are issued by Coin Master. I collect these links on the Free Spins page. Make sure you take a look there.

22 thoughts on “Free Spins in the Diamond Heist”

  1. Will you please give me ocean twelve I’ve been trying and spent billions of coins for the past 3 months and the chests are rigged

      1. I need golden cards for ,halloween,vikings.
        And chocolate bar from the sweet collections
        I have been buying chest but non of these cards in the chest.

    1. Wanda Cunningham

      Plz can you help me with the free spins and coins I been trying to figure it out but it will not work for me thanks if you can

  2. I have ordered a fair few combo, spins,etc. I enjoy playing but a Thanks would be appreciated a lot for my customer loyalty and support 🙏. Great, fun, and for nearly anybody to play and enjoy!!
    Thanks Guys

  3. This is my favorite game…i am truely addicted to it lol it is hard to get the cards i need when buying chest with my coins but idc really I just keep playing….it would be nice if some of the villages didnt cost a arm & leg to build

  4. I spin lot of coins on the chest and all I get most time is same cards is thg here away to go diff cards and how can you trade the gold cards and I can never get anyone to help me get cards I give cards everytime the come up to give need some help please I have not been playing about 2 are 3 months and i am just on number 101 in my villages thank you

  5. Please, can I receive some spins ? I really enjoy the game but over the last month I spent billions on Magical Chests and did not received any Gold Cards, or new cards, I have over 10 villages for which I am waiting one last card to close the set. Thank you very much !!!!
    P.S – I need Viking Hear, Sushi, Caterpillar, Winter Queen, Lord of coins, Pharaoh, Cat Overseer, Chill Caleb, Valiant Vlad, Merchant Wagon, Montezuma, Nautilus, Canadian Gold, Watson, Unicorn.
    Even one of those if you send me I will very much appreciated !!!!!! Thank you very much !!!

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