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Reward Calendar: new free spins feature!

The Reward Calendar has arrived. This new feature in Coin Master has been tested a few months ago by a few happy Coin Master players and I bet it worked. And of course it does, since you get a free reward, every day. At least, if you login each day. The free spins in the calendar are a nice addition to the daily free spins! And nice to know that as from today you can open the reward calendar directly from the menu!

Daily Free Spins, Coins and chests in Reward Calendar

Rewards Calendar Unlocked

The Reward Calendar in Coin Master has a gift for you every day for 30 days. The last gift is a mystery box. And we like that! The other days you get a free bunch of coins, spins or chests. Or at the end of every week: a collection of coins, spins, xp and pet food. This Reward Calender is definitely a feature you have to login for every day.

What rewards do you get?

The rewards you get depend on the village you are at at the moment. The higher the village, the higher the rewards. This is a good thing, since you need more coins to build your villages as you get ahead in the game.

My rewards in Reward Calendar

Reward Calendar Rewards

I am at village 197 at this moment. My rewards are:

  1. Coins
  2. Spins
  3. Coins and Spins
  4. Spins
  5. Coins and Spins
  6. Coins
  7. Coins, Spins, XP and Pet food

Everyday you play you get the next rewards, but if you miss one than you have to start over again at the first reward. That is too bad, since the seventh reward is the biggest. Besides these daily rewards from the rewards calendar, there are the rewards in the timeline. These rewards go on every day you open the app. If you miss a day it is not a problem. The next day you open the app it counts on. So on the 8th day you open the app you get your first reward of coins and spins. In day 15 you get another gift of coins and spins and again on day 22. The final reward is on day 30. On this day you get a mystery chest. In this chest you get a lot of spins, coins, xp and of course some good cards! If you decide not to play for a long time you make sure you play the Back in Business Kit event!

The reward calendar

To summarize the reward calendar:

  • There are two kinds of rewards in the reward calendar.
  • 1 reward for every second consecutive day. The seventh reward is the biggest. If you miss a day you start over again
  • A reward on every 8th, 15th, 22th and 30th day. Counts on every day you open the app. If you miss a day, no problem. Counts go on if you open the app again. Reward on the 30th day is a mystery chest. Go for it!

What were your rewards

What rewards did you get in Rewards Calendar? Let us share and learn what the rewards are for the village you are at!

Content refreshed on March 3, 2023 by Erik Dekker

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