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Coin Master VIP: How to become a premium player

In Coin Master you can play in three ways: guest, normal player or as a VIP. The first 2 options you can choose yourself. A VIP player is something you cannot choose yourself, you have to be invited. In this post I give you the advantages and disadvantages of VIPs and how you optimize your chances to get this invitation.

What is VIP in Coin Master?

If you are a VIP in Coin Master you have a few extra benefits compared to normal players. You have bigger rewards and if you make a purchase you often get more value for money. That seems like it is all fun, but of course there are some downfalls too. Below you find the advantages and disadvantages of being a VIP player in Coin Master.

How to become a Coin Master VIP player

How to become a VIP in Coin Master

There is not a button you can click if you want to become a VIP player. You have te be invited by one of the account managers. There are no strict rues for that, but it is said that you are most likely to be invited if you spend a lot of real money in the game. Of course sometimes people who haven’t spend a dime on this game are chosen, but this is rare. How much money you need to spend is hard to say. I think someone must notice you and like you. So it might also help to be kind to other players in the Facebook groups and share your spare cards.

Advantages of VIPs in Coin Master

These are the advantages if VIP players in Coin Master:

Raid Madness VIP edition
  • You get a dedicated account manager who you can ask anything about the game or go to when something goes wrong
  • VIP players get better rewards for playing events
  • You get free spins from your account managers when you buy items or sometimes just for playing
  • Players get a premium status which gives some people a better feeling about the game

Coin Master VIP groups

A special feature for VIP players is that you can be a part of the Coin Master VIP groups in Facebook. In those Facebook groups you can discuss Coin Master issues and trade cards with other premium players. Also the group is moderated by a VIP account manager. This manager can give you extra rewards for being active in the Facebook group or buying stuff.

Disadvantages of being a premium player in Coin Master

Being a VIP is not always fun. There is a downside. Below I give you some disadvantages.

  • Events get harder, especially Viking Quest
  • You are expected to invest real money in the game

How to quit VIP status

Just as there is no button to become a VIP there also is not a way to cancel your Coin Master VIP account. The only way to stop playing with your premium account is to contact Coin Master support or your account manager. They can cancel your VIP status.

Coin Master VIP Hack

Some people ask if it is possible to hack Coin Master to become a VIP player. My advise is definitely not to try Coin Master VIP Hacks. Chances of it to work are small and you miss out on one of the biggest advantages: your personal account manager. This VIP account manager gives you extra spins and coins. If you became a VIP you only have the VIP events, and this might even work against you.

Is it worth to be premium player?

Whether it is worth becoming a VIP player is something only you can decide. You have to think about spending real money on the game and make sure you play regularly, maybe even on a daily basis. Otherwise you will not profit from the perks of being a VIP player. I, myself have chosen not to become a VIP because I haven’t spend any real money on this game and am not planning to do so. Also, I think it is more fun playing the normal game and don’t like to have more difficult events for my rewards. I just play for fun and get my spins from the free spin links in Coin Master. If you are looking for more advantages in the game, maybe you can use a baby account.

Are you a VIP player?

Are you a VIP player in Coin Master. Please share your thoughts on it and how you became a VIP.

Content refreshed on March 3, 2023 by Erik Dekker

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