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Coin Master Rules: Be nice to your friends

Have you heard of the Coin Master rules? People might ask you to obey these rules when you become friends with them in Coin Master Facebook groups. If you trade cards you need to be friends and that has some downfalls. So they protect themselves. So, what are those roles and should you obey? In this post I tell you the rules.

Rule 1: Don’t attack friends

Rule 2: Warn if you have a raid over 5 million coins

Rule 3: Unfriend after exchanging cards

Coin Master rules for friends

Coin Master Rules - warn when raid

Basically, there are two rules when you become friends in Coin Master. First, you don’t attack your friends. Always use the “Revenge” button. Not only does this prevent your friend’s village from being destroyed, you also punish another player or a Coin Master bot for attacking or raiding you. Second, if you have a raid on a friend over 5 million you warn them via Messenger, so they can spend their millions before you loot the treasure. After you warned them, give them a few minutes before you open their treasures.

The third Coin Master rule when trading cards

Another rule that is used a lot in Coin Master is that if you traded a card via a Facebook group you unfriend again after the exchange of cards is finished. This way chances of you raiding and attacking each other is smaller. Please note that it can take Coin Master up to 24 hours to remove your friendship, so attacks and raids can be more in the first few hours after your unfriended. If you both decide to stay friends than this rule doesn’t apply of course.

Should you obey these rules?

Let me first make clear that these rules are not official rules from Coin Master. These rules are made up by people protecting their villages and coins. The most obvious moments these rules apply is if you are gifted a card. To do this you have to become friends and it is not fair to thank another person by attacking or raiding them. It is common usage for Admins in Facebook groups to ask this from their members. They usually donate that many cards they wouldn’t be able to play their game anymore. Also, even if you trade cards it is not fair to attack your trading partner.

Special rules when you are in a team

Coin Master Rules apply if you become friends via Facebook. But you can also become team members. That is if you join the same group in Coin Master. If you join a team you agree to act like a good team player. That means you help with free spins requests and of course the card requests. This way you help your team members advance faster in the game. And of course they will help you too. Another ask from your team members is to join the team chest events. In these events you collect points for group chests. If, as a team, you earn a lot of points you win nice rewards.

Advantages of having friends in Coin Master

  • You can send and receive gifts, such as coins and spins, from your friends. This can help you progress through the game more quickly and easily.
  • You can participate in daily challenges with your friends. These challenges give you the opportunity to earn additional rewards and bonuses.
  • You can join a friend’s village and help them attack and defend against other players. This can be a fun and social way to play the game.
  • You can join or create a Coin Master club with your friends. This allows you to work together to complete club events and earn exclusive rewards.

Overall, having friends in Coin Master can add an element of social play and cooperation to the game, which can make it more enjoyable and rewarding to play.

Do you play with Coin Master Rules?

Please tell me how you play Coin Master. Do you play with rules or do you just attack and raid everybody? Tell me in the comments. Thank you!

Content refreshed on March 3, 2023 by Erik Dekker

9 thoughts on “Coin Master Rules: Be nice to your friends”

  1. Janne Lise Hyrve

    Attaker aldri venner, bare random🙂
    Passer alltid på å ha mye coins og har venner med mye coins så vi kan raide hverandre🙂

    English translation:
    Never attack friends, only random🙂
    Always make sure to have a lot of coins and have friends with a lot of coins so we can raid each other

  2. I usually always use the revenge button. If someone on my friend list attacks me or raids me, I will retaliate just once! After all the revenges are done, I then go to random.

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