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My Everyday Routine in Coin Master

Whether you’re a seasoned Coin Master veteran or a curious newcomer, it’s always advantageous to secure an early lead in the game. By establishing a daily routine, you can maximize your rewards and set yourself up for success in all upcoming events. Through years of experience, I’ve developed a system that ensures I collect all the available freebies and bonuses before even spinning the wheel. In this post I share this routine with you. Use it as you want. Please let me know what you think of it in the comments.

1. Check for Free Spins Links

My day starts with a quick round of free spins links. These links grant you usually about 100 extra spins, giving you a head start on your coin-collecting journey. Make sure you also collect all free coins rewards. A great way to start your routine.

2. Collect Reward Calendar Rewards

Don’t forget to claim your daily rewards from the Reward Calendar! This simple act can net you a decent amount of coins, event cards, and other valuable goodies. If you collect these rewards as part of your daily routine daily, the rewards get better each day. After 30 days you also get the big fish.

3. Grab Those Freebies

An important part of the daily routine is to keep an eye out for those offers that pop up within the game. Most offers start of with a gift. Take it (and leave the paid offers in place). They often provide a quick boost of spins, coins or other resources, without requiring any additional effort from you.

4. Spin the Daily Wheel

The Daily Wheel is your chance to score some free coins. Depending on the village you are on the amount of coins you can win goes in the billions. Give it a spin every day, and you might just hit the jackpot! Don’t forget this in your routine.

5. Secure Merchant Madness or Achievement event Rewards

Merchant Madness and Achievement event are recurring events where you can complete small missions to save for awesome rewards. There is a free reward for logging in every day. Also take the rewards from the small missions you completed earlier.

daily routine in coin master for amazing rewards and an awesome head start

6. Check for New Events

Coin Master regularly introduces new events, each with its own unique rewards and challenges. Stay up-to-date on these events to ensure you’re not missing out on any opportunities to boost your village and coin collection.

7. Play the Game!

And finally, don’t forget to actually play the game! Keep in your routine to start raiding villages, attacking your friends’ bases, and completing tasks as they are all essential parts of the Coin Master experience.

Remember, Coin Master is all about having fun and enjoying the journey. So, relax, have fun, and let the coins flow freely!

What is your daily routine in Coin Master

Do you like this daily routine? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments. Also like to know if you have another routine!

Content refreshed on November 30, 2023 by Erik Dekker

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