Magic Trail in Coin Master

Magic Trail in Coin Master: The Ultimate Path to Success

The Magic Trail is an event in Coin Master in which you walk the path to success and collect the most awesome rewards on your way. In this post we share all you need to know about this new trail event so you can get the most out of it.

What is the Magic Trail

Coin Master Magic Trail Fast Forward

The magic trail event is a side event in Coin Master. It was first introduced in November 2023. Although the event is new to Coin Master players, the event is not new to Moon Active. The event has already been on Pet Master for a while. In the Magic trail you use tokens to spin a wheel. The number on the wheel tells you hoe many steps you can take. Your target is to get to step 10 for the best rewards.

How do I get the Magic Trail

You cannot decide when the Magic Trail event is on. This is something Moon Active decides. But as to other side events you can be sure that the event will appear regularly. When the Magic Trail event is on you have about 5 days to get as far on the trail as you can.

How can I get Magic Trail Tokens

There are a few ways you can get Magic Trail Tokens. The usual way is to just play the game. In the main event (At the moment of writing it is the Magic Potion three symbol event). You get these tokens as mission rewards. The other way is to spin the wheel. The side event itself also has a mechanism to win Magic Trail Tokens. Just like in other events on random spins the but multiplier value is send to the event. If these tokens are not enough you can extra tokens for real money in the Trail Treasure offer or in the side event itself.

What can I win in Magic Trail

magic trail rewards

You can win awesome rewards in the Magic Trail event. The best events you get when you finish the trail. Most of us regular players won’t come that far. But still, there are great rewards on the way. First there are Tokens, Spins and double points ups when you walk the path. In the path there are 10 mission stops. At every stop you get a bigger reward. The first reward is 100 spins and 2.2K XP rewards. With every stop the rewards het bigger. The final mission has these rewards:

  • 30K Spins
  • A Joker card
  • A Mystery chest (525 – 5.2K Spins)
  • A Big Chest (1.2 – 12K Spins and 2 – 8 Thor’s hammers)

That are some amazing rewards. But you do have to collect an awful lot of tokens.

What If I run out of tokens

If you run out of tokens you basically have three options. Stop playing this event, play for more tokens in the events or buy new tokens. If you decide to buy Magic Trail Tokens you can choose to buy the Trail treasure which has besides tokens also other rewards, or just the magic trail tokens from the event pagen. If they are worth it? I don’t think so. You pay a lot of money, only for a small chance of winning.

What is your take on this event?

What do you think of the Magic Trail event? Do you like it or does it have enough points for improvement? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

Content refreshed on November 30, 2023 by Erik Dekker

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