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Symbol events in Coin Master

Sometimes in Coin Master you have events in which you only get rewarded for having one, two or three symbols on a row. These symbol events in the past had strawberries or more recently candy sticks. For one symbol you got the lowest points (one or two), for two you got a slightly better reward (three of four points) and for three symbols on a row you got the biggest reward (ten or twelve points). Collecting these points got you rewards like coins, spins, xp and chests.

The best strategy to play and win all symbol events

Of course the chance to get one symbol is the highest and three symbols in a row is lowest. That’s why you get a lot more single and double symbols. But if you want to end this event with more spins than the number you started with you need to focus on three symbols in a row. Why? In this event the number of symbols you need to get the rewards is high, even when you are on the lowest tier. This means that if you go for each number of symbols you will probably end up with less spins than you started with. Don’t forget to watch for the balloons in Balloon Frenzy for just the extra number of spins and coins!

How to get three symbols in a row

As mentioned the chance of getting three symbols in a row in the all symbol event is the lowest. On average you get these three symbols every 90 spins or more. But that is just an average. Sometimes it takes over a 150 spins and sometimes you get them close after each other. That’s why you need a solid strategy. This strategy is to spin a few times on a low bet. Than gradually increase your bet. You have to find out what works best for you, but you can use this sequence for starters (thanks to the friends from TOHR):

  • 90 x 1
  • 20 x 15
  • 20 x 50
  • 15 x 150
  • 15 x 500
  • 10 x 800
  • 1500 until you hit threee symbols

Important to remember that these are the sequences for everybody with less than 500k spins (yes, that’s a lot) and that if you have to be careful not to lose all your spins when you go for a mission. If you do, make sure you have a backup with a set you can complete by asking for a card in your team, have enough tokens in Thos’s wheel or have a great reward in you achievements.

Important to know about the three symbols

All Symbol events - Win this event

Important to realize is that if you hit the three symbols quick after each other, the chance of getting them again is much lower. On the other side, if the three symbols take a lot more than 80 spins you might bet up a little sooner since chances of getting them again becomes much bigger. All depends on a solid strategy, but also a bit of luck. The all symbol events are great, but need your undivided attention!

The all symbol events for VIPS

If you are a VIP you have a slightly changed event. Also you have the opportunity to use the higher spin multipliers. This gives you an advantage. When you are close to the 3 symbols bet up and go for the massive win. Be careful though, you must have enough spins to take this chance. Otherwise you might lose all your spins. If you loose them though, you can always use these free spins links to get back in the game.

How do you play the special symbol events?

Do you have a special strategy how to play the special events or symbol events. These events can be tricky, so you need a very good strategy. You can use the one in this article, but you can use your own too. If you have a working strategy please share it in the comments.

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