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Add friends for spins and coins in Coin Master

One of the easiest ways to continue playing in Coin Master is to add friends to Coin Master. Those friends can give you a spin and coins every day. This way you can get up to 100 spins and a few coins daily. But is this a smart way to play Coin Master? In this post I give you the pro’s and con’s.

Pro’s of adding friends for spins and coins

add friends coin master

The biggest advantage of adding people for spins and coins is that you can get up to 120 spins extra each day. The amount of coins you can get won’t do you much good. This can get you only get you an extra 2 million coins. That won’t make you finish a village, although it might just give you the coins you need. There is a pretty big downfall though by adding a lot of friends.

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Con’s of adding people for spins and coins

The biggest reason why you should not add that many people is that all those friends can attack and raid you. And while you can say that people can use the random button on attacks or that you only build a village when you have enough coins it will cost you big time. And because friends will raid you the chances of completing your village are getting much smaller. A good use is to follow the “rules” in Coin Master. That means don’t attack you friends and warn if you get a big raid!

When should I add friends for spins and coins

The only moment in the game where it can be useful to have a lot of friends in the game is when you just start. When you have to get going you need the spins to build villages. You don’t have many coins in stack and spend it easily and quickly. When you advance a little I advise you to lose the majority of your friends and keep a few that stock coins. It makes way more sense to get big raids than to have a few more spins or coins. Get your extra coins preferably by using free spin links or just play events in a wise matter 😉.

Bring back friends to Coin Master

A new feature in Coin Master is to bring back friends who haven’t played in a while to the game. You can invite them via your phone. The reward get’s bigger based on their progress in the game and the period they haven’t played. Their reward ranges from 150 spins to 775 spins. This way they can start with some nice extra spins. You get a reward too! For each friend who starts to play again you get the same number of spins and points which will give you chests. In these chests you find some nice rewards.

Bring back friends

In order for you to get your rewards there are some rules:

  • The player must be on your friends list
  • The player must raid at least one time when they return
  • The player must use your link (only one player gets the reward)
  • And I guess the player must return within the time frame of the event (but I have not checked this yet)

You find the Bring your friend back feature in the settings menu of the game.

What I am wondering though is if this features replaces the welcome back and back in business rewards for players who haven’t played in a while. These rewards were way bigger than the number of spins you get here so they might have been better off with these other events.

Do you add friends to get more spins?

Do you add your friends to get some extra spins or do you avoid getting your friends touch your villages or coins? Let me know via the comments. Love to read your thoughts.

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