Castle of Fortune

Castle of Fortune – Beat the Dragon

The Castle of Fortune event in Coin Master is a fun event to play. This event is quite similar to Sea of Fortune, but there are some small differences. In this post I tell you how to get the Castle of Fortune, how to play it and how to maximize your winnings.

What is Castle of Fortune

In the Castle of Fortune event you walk a trail on an island. Every step of the trail has 4 barrels. You have to open 1 barrel to be able to play on. Each barrel has a reward in it. Except for 1. In that barrel you find a dragon. If you choose the dragon the trail ends and you lose all your rewards. You can play on, but you have to pay with gems. The further you are on the trail, the higher the number of gems you have to pay.

How to get the Castle of Fortune event

There are a few ways how you can get the Castle of Fortune event.

  • Play the Tower of Wonders event
  • Buy the Castle of Fortune event in the Merchant Madness event
  • Play the Dragon Challenge

Three variants of the event

There are three variants of the Castle of Fortune. You can recognize them by looking at the dragon. You have the variant without a crows, the event with a silver crown and the one with the golden crown. There are two main differences between these events. First you have the number of steps. Second are the rewards.

Dragon without crown15Low
Dragon with silver crown20Medium
Dragon with gold crown30High

Free passes

In each trail there are a few free passes.That means that in those steps there is no dragon. You always win a reward out of these barrels. You can recognize them by the golden cross on these steps.

What are the rewards in Caste of Fortune

There are different types of rewards in the Castle of Fortune event. First of all, you can win spins. The further you get on the trail, the higher the number of spins you can win. Also, you can win coins, chests, XP and in some cases the final reward is a seasonal card. This special card is a great reward to complete a seasonal card set.

Castle of Fortune - choose the right barrel

But what if you find the dragon

When you open a barrel and you find a dragon in it the trail ends. This means you lose all the rewards you have collected so far. Golden steps are only a safe haven for that step, but they don’t protect your previous winnings. If you find the dragon you can do two things. First, you can take your loss and quit the event. Second, you can pay gems to play on. The further you get on the trail the more gems you need. Nice thing is that you can open a second barrel on that step, so you are guaranteed a reward. After opening the barrel you can quit. Important to remember is that if you play this event and want to make it to the end, you have to have a great amount of gems. This is the biggest difference with Sea of Fortune. In that event you pay with coins in stead of gems. There are several ways to get your gems. For example via seasonal chests.

How to choose the right barrel in Castle of Fortune

There have been a lot of players who tried to find out which are the right barrel to open. But none of the used tactics work 100%. Or it is completely random or it is scripted that on a few occasions you meet the dragon and have to pay with your gems to continue. A few of the used tactics:

  • Choose the opposite barrel of the one the dragon shows up
  • Choose the barrel before the one the dragon is in
  • Always choose the same barrel
  • Close your eyes and choose a barrel random

Have you beaten the dragon?

Have you already beaten the dragon in Castle of Fortune? Did you succeed without meeting the dragon or did you have to pay a lot of gems? Please let me know in the comments.

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