Sea of Fortune

Sea of Fortune – The Ultimate Guide

The Game Corner Master has recently introduced a mini-game called the Sea of Fortune, which allows players to make significant gains in their progress through the game. Some players also refer to it as “The Octopus.”

What is the Sea of Fortune

So, what exactly is the Sea of Fortune? Well, in this game, Coin Master offers players the opportunity to sail on the sea without having to launch a wheel, as is the case in the Viking or tribal quest. Players need to select a wooden chest to change landings. However, it’s important to be careful while playing this game, as it has its own intricacies. The game involves choosing between four wooden chests on a course of 40 choices, and as players progress further in the game, the rewards become more valuable in corners, experience points (XP), food, and spins.

Avoid the purple octopus

The objective of Sea of Fortune is to avoid choosing the chest containing the purple octopus, which appears from the fourth tier. Every five levels, players get to choose between four wooden crates without the purple octopus being present in any of them. If a player does fall on the octopus, they have two options: give up their rewards and continue the game or pay with their coins. Players can cash in their winnings at any time, but they won’t be able to resume the course of the game once they do so.

Sea of fortune path

How to choose the right box

When it comes to choosing boxes to avoid the octopus, there isn’t really a strategy that works every time in Sea of Fortune. It’s mostly a matter of luck and trusting one’s instincts. While some players have tried taking the same wooden crate every time or choosing the opposite crate of where the octopus appears, these strategies aren’t always effective.

How many coins do you need for the Sea of Fortune?

When it comes to the cost of playing the Sea of Fortune, it really depends on how far players want to go. If they’re unlucky enough to come across the octopus in the first few steps, they’ll only need to pay a few billion to keep playing (go for the big raids if you want to stack your coins quickly). However, they could end up paying up to 3 trillion coins to get to the end. Thus, players with a stock of 800 billion should avoid playing the Sea of Fortune if they don’t want to risk losing all their coins. If you want to get a head start, just check out the Coin Master Free Spins links. We add them daily!

Sea of Fortune rewards

So, when and why should players play the Sea of Fortune? Well, if played at the right time, this game can actually allow players to earn more coins than they spend. Players can win between 10k and 20,000 spins, which can help them progress further in the game and earn even more coins. Additionally, players can earn between 5 and 20 million XP, which can help them evolve their animals and win stars. While players can also earn food and chests in the Sea of Fortune, these rewards are not significant enough to make the game worth playing just for them.

Should you play Sea of Fortune

You should at least start Sea of Fortune. If you run into the octopus in the early stages of the game and it will cost you a lot of coins, decide just to quit. In conclusion, players should only play the Sea of Fortune to the end if they have a substantial stock of coins and if the rewards they can expect from crossing high levels in the game will allow them to earn more coins than they spend.

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