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Golden Cards: 7 ways to get them all

Golden Cards are special cards in Coin Master. They are not all rare, like some other cards, but you cannot trade them. That is, when there is no gold trade for that specific card. So, you have to find other ways to get your gold cards to complete your card sets. In this post I tell you 7 strategies to get all your missing gold cards.

What is a golden card in Coin Master?

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You can recognize a golden card in Coin Master by looking at the border of the card. Normal cards have a white border, golden cards have a golden (or yellow if you like) border. Where you can trade normal cards, you cannot do this with gold cards. Trading is prohibited, except for gold trade. Almost all card sets in Coin Master have at least 1 golden card. Most sets have three golden cards. And some exist only from golden cards, like Brasil.

7 ways to get your Golden Cards

You can use the 7 strategies below to get all the gold cards you need.

  1. Buy Chests
    You can find gold cards in chests. Since these cards have the highest number of stars you’d probably best buy the golden chest or magical chest. If you buy the chests during Cards Boom you get 50% more cards out of you chests!
  2. Play Viking Quest (or another Quest)
    If you play Viking Quest you can get 2 gold cards you need. The first you get after the 6th mission. If you need a lot of gold cards this is always one you need. If you have almost all golds complete than it might be one you already have. The second golden card you get after the 10th mission. If you don’t have all open gold cards complete one you don’t have. Only exception is if you open the card just before or during Viking Quest. NB. You also get chests for completing the missions in Viking Quest. In these chests you may find your missing gold cards too!
  3. Trade during the Gold Trade event
    During the Gold Trade event you can trade gold cards. Not all, but 2 cards selected by Coin Master. You can trade with your friends or on Facebook groups. Be aware that for some rare cards you need to trade multiple cards. This can be worthwhile though since you can store the card to open it during Set Blast. Check these amazing tips and tricks.
  4. Play the extra rewards events in tournaments
    During tournaments you can win Extra rewards. These rewards are spins and coins most of the time. But Sometimes you can win Golden Cards you still need. I need to warn you though, it might take a lot of effort to get to the gold.
  5. Win a joker card
    If you win a joker card you can take every single card you have opened. If you desperately need a gold card you can choose this. You can win a Joker card from tournaments or from special chests.
  6. Go for the Heist
    You have to be prepared to pay real money, but if you go for the Heist (or Mystery Offer, or Safe to Fly, or any other offer that says take each deal to further reveal) you get extra chests and in the final step a special chest. In these chest you can find a Joker card or other Gold Cards.
  7. Watch out for Free Gifts links
    Every day Coin Master gives away free gift links. In these links you may find spins and coins. But sometimes you can play an event for 30 minutes. These events can be for example Village Master, Cards boom or Gold Trade. You can use these gifts to your advantage and have an extra chance for your missing gold cards.

Special Gold Cards in Seasons

Within Season events you can collect special gold cards. If you complete the albums that contain only gold cards you get extra spins. There are diamond cards. Besides part of the album they also reward you with free spins.These cards usually cannot be traded and you can only get them from Season chests.

How do you get your cards?

Do you use one of these tactics of do you have a way we don’t mentioned here. Please let me know via the comments!

Content refreshed on March 3, 2023 by Erik Dekker

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