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Coin Master Fan Page: your ultimate guide

A Coin Master Fan Page is the place to be for a Coin Master fan. Go there for Free Spins, Free Coins and the best strategies to play this game. Take a look at the leader board and you know how you stand to your peers. But hey, if you are such a lover of this game you must now where you can find the best fan pages. In this post I tell you where to go!

Coin Master Fan Pages on Facebook

Coin Master Fan Page from Original HighRollers on Facebook.

A lot of Coin Master Fun is on Facebook. On this social media platform you find numerous groups where you can get your free missing cards, or trade them of course. Also this is the place to get your friends for big raids. The biggest fan page on Facebook is the Official Coin Master Trading Group. This is a group, with over 3.4 million members, where you can become a member of and start trading cards with other players. Another great group is the Original High Rollers. This group of fanatic players helps you with the cards you need and hosts some of the best teams.

Fan pages for Free Spins and Coins

Then, of course, you have the Coin Master Fan Pages for the players who look for Free Spins and Coins. If you are, than you must definitely bookmark our daily free spins and coins page. That is if want to find all free spins and coins links on one place and do not want to keep looking at all the Coin Master Social channels. And to make it even more simple, we added a subscription form for you to get notified every day when the new free spins and coins links are added.

Get more Friends

Friends are a great way to enjoy this game together. If you are just a beginner they can help you with free spins and if you advance in the game you can use the big raids tactic on each other. This way you can grow your coin stack at massive speed. You need this to be able to complete your villages. Of course you can find your friends too on the Facebook groups. That is, because in order to become friends you both need to be connected to Facebook. So, this is a great way to check out these Coin Master Fan Pages too.

Are you a member of a Coin Master Fan Page

Do you visit Coin Master Fan Pages regularly and do you actively participate in trading cards or entering raffles? Please let me know which pages you are a member of, or visit regularly. If you put them in the comments we all can benefit from this. Do we meet sometime online?


Erik is a very experienced Coin Master player with over 4 years of experience. He is a multiple tournament winner and has yet over 200 village completed. Also Erik participates in several Facebook groups and is a member of the "230" team.