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Free Daily Gift: Your daily Free Spins and Coins gift

There is a new way to stack your coins and spins. Just recently Coin Master added the free daily gift to the list of ways to get free spins and coins. In this short post I show you how this Daily Bonus in Coin Master works and how you can use this gift to your advantage.

How do you get the free daily gift

You get your Free Bonus in Coin Master every 24 hours. That means if you have opened your free daily gift you have to wait 24 hours before you can open it again. So, best is to open and play Coin Master every day to get this fine extra reward. Also nice is that you had to open Coin Master every day for your rewards in the Reward Calendar. With no extra work you can get even more free spins and coins.

How do you know your free gifts are available

There are two ways Coin Master informs you that your rewards are here to grab. First you get a banner in your screen that says Free Daily gift. If you click on the Get a gift! button you are directed to the free gifts banner in Coin Master. The other way is more subtle. In the row on the left side of the screen where you usually see the offers you see a market stall with coins and spins. If you see a red dot on the right upper side you know that your free spins and coins are available. The daily gifts are probably only temporary because after the last period of free gifts they were gone for quite a while. Now in Halloween style they are back.

Where can you find your free Coins and spins

You can find the banner to collect the free daily bonus gifts on the Buy Coins/Spins tab in the menu. Just between the spins and chests you find the Free Bonus banner. If you click on it you are rewarded the spins or coins right away.

Do you need even more Free Spins?

If you need even more free spins or coins make sure you click on the daily free spins and coins links on our website. Here you find all links issued by Coin Master in one place. This way you are certain that you can enjoy Coin Master in it’s best way.

Content refreshed on February 27, 2023 by Erik Dekker

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