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Different tiers in Coin Master events

Coin Master is a popular mobile game that features various events to keep players engaged and entertained. Events offer players unique challenges and opportunities to earn rare and valuable rewards. One essential aspect of events in Coin Master is the tier system. In this article, we will explore the different tiers in Coin Master events, how they work, and what rewards players can expect to receive. Also we show you two hacks to get into the more easy tiers!

What are tiers in Coin Master events?

Tiers are a system that determines the difficulty level of an event and the rewards that players can earn. Each event in Coin Master is divided into several tiers, with each tier having its unique set of challenges and rewards. The higher the tier, the more challenging the event, and the greater the rewards.

How do tiers work in Coin Master events?

Tiers in Coin Master events work on a point-based system. These points are based on the number of spins you have. The first tier is if you have less than 5000 spins. The second tier is for players that have between 5000 and 10000 spins. The third tier is for players that have between 10000 and 25000 spins. The last tier is for players that have over 25000 spins. Important to notice is that you don’t only need to look at the number of spins that is shown in the game. You also have to take the regular spins. That has put me in the wrong tier a few times already. The tier you are in is determined at your first spin in an event.

What rewards can players expect in different tiers?

Tiers in Coin Master

The rewards players can earn in different tiers of Coin Master events vary depending on the event and the tier level. Generally, the higher the tier, the greater the rewards. Below is an overview of the rewards players can expect in different tiers:

Tier 1: Easiest tier, with simple challenges and relatively low rewards, such as coins or basic cards.

Tier 2: More challenging than Tier 1, with slightly better rewards, such as rare cards or a small number of spins.

Tier 3: Significantly more challenging than Tiers 1 and 2, with greater rewards, such as a higher number of spins or gold cards.

Tier 4: The most challenging tier, with the most demanding tasks and the best rewards, such as a significant number of spins, gold cards, and other rare and valuable items.

Must know tips about the level of difficulty in Coin Master

  • At the end of an event make sure you line up for the new event. The best position is to just end below the end of a tier. For example, just below 10,000 spins is better than just over 10,000 spins.
  • At the start of an event use some spins first before you open gifts. For example, if you open the team chest rewards before spinning you might end up in a higher tier than you want.
  • Don’t open the free spins links before you have played.
  • The higher the tier the more difficult events like the achievement event and merchant madness will be. You might lose some extra spins to get a better position.
  • The best spinning pattern doesn’t depend on the tier you are in. The only important thing is that the higher the tier the more important it is to follow the pattern in order to win more spins.

Use this hack to get in a lower tier (1)

As mentioned, your number of spins determines the difficulty of your level. There is a way to make your way into a less difficult game, but it needs some work. First you need to make sure you don’t open the new main event. If you have done so, the tier list will not change anymore. Than you have to download an older version of Coin Master. In this old version the new event will not load. In this old version spin until you are down to like 9500 spins. Close the old version of the game and open the new one. You will get the lower tier, which is much more easy to play. You will play it with less spins, but if you follow the spin pattern you will make a lot of spins. The main advantage of this hack is that you will have an easier game and have more fun in the event. Check this video to see the steps.

Use this hack to stay in your easy game (2)

There is a second way to fool Coin Master into a better tier. It is explained in this video. In this method you play until you almost get a big mission reward in the last few minutes of an event. When you are about to hit it disconnect your internet connection. Spin until you get it. As you will see, the rewards will not be added. After this re-connect to the internet and play on. As you will see, the rewards are not added. After the event is over close the game and re-open. You will see that you rewards are added, but you are still in the lower tier.

Our 50 cents to the tier system in Coin Master

In conclusion, tiers are a crucial aspect of Coin Master events, determining the difficulty level and rewards that players can earn. As you progress through the tiers, you will face increasingly challenging tasks and earn increasingly valuable rewards. By participating in events you can test your skills, earn rare and valuable rewards, and enhance your overall Coin Master experience. If you have more tips about playing the different tiers in Coin Master, please met me know in the comments.

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