Coin Master Golden Pass

Coin Master Golden Pass event

In the Coin Master Golden Pass event you complete small missions to get rewards. In this post you will learn all you need to know about the Golden Pass event. You learn what is the Golden Pass, how to activate it, which rewards you win and how to play this amazing event best.

What is the Golden Pass event in Coin Master

Activate Golden Pass

The Golden Pass event is a limited time event in Coin Master. It is available for all players who have reached at least village 120. In this event you complete personal missions to earn points (golden bricks) to win milestone rewards.

Free vs premium Golden Pass

Special in the Golden Pass event is that you have both a free Golden Pass and a premium Golden pass. The premium Golden Pass is a paid feature, where the Free Golden Pass is available without payment. Of course, the rewards in premium Golden Pass are much bigger compared to the free version.

  • Event Free Rewards: available for everyone, small rewards
  • Event Premium Rewards: after payment, big rewards

Note. If you pay for premium Golden Pass you both get the free and premium rewards.

Golden Pass daily missions

You can win golden brick points when you complete missions. Every day your you receive a new sit of missions. To get to the final Golden Pass reward you have to play every day. Otherwise you will not collect enough golden brick points to reach the final rewards.

How to activate your Premium Golden Pass

Golden Pass Rewards

To activate your premium Golden Pass you click on the Activate Pass button in the event progress tab. After you click on the button you are redirected to the payment page. The price of the Premium Golden pass may differ by region or progress in the game. For me, the price is set to 14,99 euro for this event. After paying this price I have until the end of the event to complete all missions to get to the rewards.

Check your progress and get your rewards

If you want to check your progress, find out which missions to accomplish or collect your rewards you need to go to the Golden Pass Event tab. You do this by clicking on the Golden Bricks event icon on the right side of the screen.

Golden Pass Event rewards

As already mentiond you have rewards in the free Golden Pass event and in the Premium Golden Pass event. Rewards you can win are:

Note. The mission rewards may vary depending on game progress.

Golden Pass Events FAQ’s

What is Coin Master Golden Pass event

Coin Master Golden Pass event is an event in Coin Master in which you collect Golden Brick Points to win amazing rewards like Spins, Chests, Cards, Village Master, Village Mania or Coin Craze. The final reward in the premium event is a Joker Card.

Is Coin Master Golden Pass free

There is a free Golden Pass and a Premium Golden pass. The premium Golden Pass is a paid feature. In both free and premium Golden Pass you complete the same missions. The only difference is that the rewards in the premium Golden Pass are better.

How do you activate Coin Master Golden Pass

You activate Coin Master Golden Pass by clicking on the Activate Pass button on the event screen. You are redirected to the payment page. After paying the amount your Golden Pass is activated.

How do you get Golden Bricks points

You get Golden Bricks points when you complete a mission. You can choose between 3 missions at the same time. The missions change every day during the time of the event.

What are your thoughts about Coin Master Golden Pass?

Have you played this event? What were your rewards? How much did you pay? This is what Coin Master itself says about this event. Share your thoughts about this event in the comments below this post. Let us all decide if Golden Pass is worth the money.

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