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Coin Master Village list

List of all Coin Master Villages

To finish Coin Master you have to build all villages. At this moment there are 266 villages. The complete Coin Master village list you find in the game. Just go to the menu in Coin Master and click on Map. At first you see the village you are on, If you scroll up you see all the villages you still have to build. If you want to know how many coins it will cost to build your village check out this Coin Master village cost list. For a quick overview of all villages up to 266 check the list below.

List of all Coin Master villages

How do you complete the village in Coin Master?

coin master village complete

Each village, except for the first few villages consist of 5 items. Each item consists of 5 stars. To complete your village you need to get all 20 stars. There are a few tactics to complete Coin Master all villages. First is to make sure you have enough coins to complete a village at once. This way your friends and enemies cannot attack your village.

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How much does it cost to complete the village in Coin Master?

Every village in Coin Master is more expensive than the previous. For a complete list of all village cost from the first until last village in Coin Master please check the Coin Master village cost list.

Village Master

Second tactic is only to complete villages during the Village Master event. In this event you get Coins, Spins and XP for completing the village. This way completing your villages will cost you less and the XP will give more power to your pets. For example if you use Rhino who will prevent attacks on your village.

How many villages are there in Coin Master?

New villages in Coin Master coming soon.

So after knowing how to build villages it is good to know the list of all villages. As mentioned earlier you find that list in the Coin Master game. The number of villages at this moment is 266 and this number is growing slowly.

What are the boom villages in Coin Master?

Another interesting Coin Master list is the Boom villages list. In this list you find the villages that give you a higher chance of getting rare cards. This list of villages is created with a lot of Coin Master players. They added the villages in which they got their rare cards. You can benefit from this boom villages list to stay on these villages a little longer buying chests and this way get your rare cards for your card collection.

What do you want to know about villages?

What is it you still want to know about Coin Master Villages? Ask your questions here and we will try to answer them as soon as possible.